37 Best Gifts For Bearded Men Who Have Everything

Bubba Stacy
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Does the grizzly guy in your life already live a decidedly curated existence? Here’s our own wish list of the best gifts for men who have everything.

A Guide to the Best Gifts for Men Who Have Everything


1. Trayvax Element Wallet

Most of the time if you see a bulkier thing in a guy’s pants, it’s usually his wallet. The Element Wallet from Trayvax solves this organization problem by re-designing the accessory into a slim, minimalist wonder kitted with a bottle opener, RFID protection, and a sleek metal inner frame. The wallet can hold 5-10 cards and bills, thanks to the money clip.

2. BattlBox Subscription



Now, here’s a subscription box for your own personal survivalist and adventurer. The guys behind BattlBox will send a crate of hand-selected, finely-crafted emergency supplies and survival tools to the lucky honcho every month.

3. Urban Map Glass

This glass is for the guy who loves his drink and his stomping grounds. It’ll practically make every glass of bourbon a toast to his city.

4. Bacon Coffee

Bacon Coffee | Best Gifts for Bearded Men Who Have Everything
Bacon Coffee Image by Boca Java

Who doesn’t love bacon and coffee? Here’s a drink that combines two things men love, plus maple syrup. It’s just genius.

5. Crosley Executive Portable Turntable

There’s no need for your man to listen to music on his phone anymore when you can buy him this turntable. It’s the perfect gift if he’s the type who talks about bands whose names you’ve never even heard of and who keeps a gazillion vinyl records at home.

6. Pacific Caffeinated Shaving Cream

shaving cream for men | Best Gifts for Bearded Men Who Have Everything
Caffeinated Shaving Cream Image by Pacific Shaving Co.

Shaving? Don’t do it. But if he has to let his beard or mustache go for the time being, you might as well give him a shaving cream that gives him a shot in the arm.

7. Flying Lessons

Your man might have an unfulfilled dream of flying. Here’s your chance to make his wish come true by buying him some flying lessons.

8. Hammacher Schlemmer Hand-Cranked Emergency Radio

Hammacher Schlemmer Hand-Cranked Emergency Radio | Best Gifts for Bearded Men Who Have Everything
Emergency Radio Image by Hammacher Schlemmer

At one point in most survival movies, the protagonist’s only means of communication runs out of batteries. That’s when you know sh*t just hit the fan. You can help your dude avoid that problem by giving him this crank-powered emergency radio.

9. ButcherBox Subscription



Does the man you have in mind love putting on an apron and getting out the grill? Sign him up for this subscription box service and he’ll receive quality grass-fed beef, heritage pork, and free-range chicken every month.

10. Wild Willies Beard Oil

Wild Willies Beard Oil | Best Gifts for Bearded Men Who Have Everything

Gift your grizzly man with this quality beard care product from yours truly. Wild Willies’ beard oil will moisturize his skin, remove beard dandruff, and revitalize his beard hair for a fuller, healthier man-mane.

11. WonderWoof Bow Tie Dog Activity Tracker


Even the most hardened cons cry when their four-legged best friends go missing. If your friend or your lover has a dog, save him from the tragedy of losing his pet by buying this smart dog tracker.

12. Chillbo Shwaggins 2.0 Portable Hammock

If your man’s idea of swag is something that allows him to slack and laze off, he’ll love the Chillbo Schwaggins hammock. This inflatable hammock will allow him to chillax anywhere he wants at music festivals, camping sites, or simply in his backyard.

13. Mr. Beer IPA Edition Homebrewing DIY Craft Beer Kit

When the dude in question loves all kinds of beer and it’s practically Oktoberfest every day in his house, buy him this kit so he can channel his passion into making beer instead of just drinking it.

14. WACACO Minipresso Kit

If you’re looking for gifts for guys with sophisticated taste, why not give him this nice portable instant espresso kit? Now, he can get his cup of espresso anywhere he wants.

15. Wild Willies Beard Butter

Wild Willies Beard Butter | Best Gifts for Bearded Men Who Have Everything

One of the best gifts for hubby especially if he loves his big, bushy beard is beard balm. And one of the best beard balms out there happens to be Wild Willies. Wild Willies beard balm will protect each strand of his beard hair, nourish them, and freshen the frizzy beast to your and his delight.

16. Masterbuilt Smart Electric Smoker

One of the best gifts for men who love meat and grilling is a smoker. This electric smoker from Masterbuilt allows the master griller of your life to control the contraption from his smartphone so he can devote his entire attention on you while waiting for the ribs to cook.

17. Verscoo Shoe Shine Kit

If he takes pride in his leather footwear, the perfect gift for him would be this shoe shine kit for Verscoo. The kit brings together quality tools like a horsehair brush, an applicator sponge, a shoehorn, a shining cloth, and a tin of black polish.

18. Wild Willies Beard Brush

Wild Willies Beard Brush | Best Gifts for Bearded Men Who Have Everything

When grooming is an issue for your bearded man, you can educate him on the basics by buying him this beard brush from Wild Willies. This tool made of quality natural boar hair easily detangles frizzy strands, smoothens his beard, and applies beard care products evenly.

19. Race Car Driving Experience

One of the most unique gifts for men are those which involve experiences. If your dad or your uncle loves NASCAR and also drives like he’s on a track, buy him a voucher for these drive-along experiences. He’ll be able to drive a real car from the Indy 500, NASCAR, or even get his hands on a Ferrari.

20. Wild Willies Beard Shaping Tool

Wild Willies Beard Shaping Tool | Best Gifts for Bearded Men Who Have Everything

Keeping a beard is an art and it’s one you can support your man in by getting him this beard shaping tool from Wild Willies. This tool allows men to make precise cuts on their beards for a better, killer look.

21. Arlo Security System by Netgear

security cameras | Best Gifts for Bearded Men Who Have Everything
HD Security Camera Image by Arlo

Every man is a security nut at some level. Help him fulfill his need to protect by getting him this smart security system from Netgear. The cameras in this kit allow the user to monitor his home or business using his smartphone, plus they only switch on if something moves within the vicinity.

22. Columbia River Pilar Knife

This foldable, minimalist knife features a strong tip your man can use for a variety of purposes. The designer named this knife after Hemingway’s boat and it will certainly serve as a good companion for your resident adventurer when he goes into the great outdoors.

23. Wild Willies Beard Comb

Wild Willies Beard Comb | Best Gifts for Bearded Men Who Have Everything

When beard grooming is a struggle for your man, This comb will help him tame that wild bush. The Wild Willies beard comb is made from anodized aluminum for a longer lasting build.

24. Rocksmith

Let your dude channel his inner rock star with this ultra-realistic video game guitar controller. If he wanted to shred at one point in his life but failed to follow through on this dream, let this product teach him to rock out in a fun way.

25. Council Tool Woodcraft Axe


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Because we all should know what it takes to be the best-groomed man.

For the authentic lumberjack of the family, the Council Tool Woodcraft Axe comes highly recommended by outdoorsmen. The axe’s blade is sharp out of the box and feels well-balanced in your hands.

26. Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin

What do you get when you get gin infused with gunpowder tea from the Orient, juniper berries, an array of spices, citrus and lime, and Irish ingenuity in alcohol? You get this fine gin. It’s the kind of spirit he’ll love to display in his personal bar.

27. Funny Beard Mug

Honor the man, his beard, and his place in your home with a subtle and funny dig against non-hairy men everywhere.

28. Rako Magnetic Wrist Band

Rako Magnetic Wrist Band | Best Gifts for Bearded Men Who Have Everything
Magnetic Wrist Bank Image by Rako

Does he lose his screws while tinkering with stuff? This magnetic wristband will help him keep those nuts and bolts close at hand while doing repairs.

29. Wild Willies Beard Growth Supplement

Wild Willies Beard Growth Supplement | Best Gifts for Bearded Men Who Have Everything

Growing a full-on beard can be a problem if your guy isn’t eating the right diet. Help him achieve his dream of growing a lush beard with this beard supplement. It’s specially formulated by Wild Willies to promote the right conditions for beard growth.

30. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker | Best Gifts for Bearded Men Who Have Everything
Breakfast Sandwich Maker Image by Hamilton Beach

When you have eggs, sausages, and bread, you already have the formula for a man’s perfect breakfast. Now, this product from Hamilton Beach will aid your man in packaging all those components into a beautiful breakfast sandwich every single time.

31. Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman

Sadly, the solitary nature of men means they can’t get the right life advice when they need it. Good thing, Nick Offerman wrote a book brimming with advice for men regarding pursuits they care most about, like wooing women, woodworking, growing a mustache, among others.

32. Herschel Supply Co. Retreat Backpack

Herschel Supply Co. Retreat Backpack | Best Gifts for Bearded Men Who Have Everything
Retreat Backpack by Herschel Supply Co.

Does your man hobble to his office with a technicolor backpack better suited to sixth graders? Give him a manlier, stylish upgrade with this synthetic leather backpack from Herschel Supply Co.

33. Makerskit Classic Cocktail Bar Set

Help your man serve you nice drinks when you acquire this cocktail bar set. You’re welcome.

34. Black Indy Boots

Every man needs a good pair of boots and these ones from Need Supply fill that order well. These boots pair well with both formal office attire and more rugged streetwear. A pair of these will flatter your man’s feet and match most of his outfits.

35. AeroGarden

Does your dude love gardening? This smart indoor garden device will yield him those nice salad veggies without him having to lift a finger. The AeroGarden waters itself, so all your guy has to do is to wait and watch the produce grow.

36. Home-Complete Barbecue Briefcase

Made for the serious meat griller, this briefcase carries all the essential tools your dad, uncle, or hubby needs to cook mean slabs of meat, all in one package.

37. Darth Vader Bathrobe

Okay, this one’s on the geeky side, but if your boyfriend or husband looks like he’s the type to force-choke someone even when he’s fresh off the shower, then this is the gift for him. This will make him feel truly imperial after a nice bath.


Check out this Life-Changing Gift Wrapping Hacks video by But First, Coffee:

Whether you’re thinking of buying Christmas gifts for men or birthday gifts for men, the items in this list are sure to make him happy. To select a really great gift, you only need to look at what he does in his spare time and the stuff that fires him up. It doesn’t have to be expensive, because it’s just stuff to him at some point. What matters is that it’s a present from you.

What do you think about the gift ideas for men in this list? Did we miss anything? Tell us your additional suggestions by writing them in the comments section below.

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