6 Best Beard Products By Beard Type

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Looking for the best beard products for your glorious beard? They're all right here on this list. We're talking beard oils, balms, brushes, combs, and trimmers, all selected with care for your convenience. No matter your beard type, you'll find that these beard products are must-haves for your beard grooming kit. Check out this list of our 7 favorite beard products.

The Best Beard Products For Your Beard Type


1. Wild Willies Beard Oil



As we've talked about before, one of the best beard products you can ever have in your beard kit is a good bottle of beard oil. The Wild Willies Beard Oil, in particular, is an awesome product for pretty much any beard type. It's designed to be as close to the body's natural oils as possible. It hydrates the skin under the beard, preventing dryness, itchiness, and, Thor forbid, beard-druff. This is an essential item to have for your beard grooming tools.

2. Wild Willies Beard Butter Balm

The Wild Willies Beard Butter Balm is a natural balm made of argan, jojoba, and grapeseed oils. There's also a generous serving of eucalyptus, peppermine, and tea tree essential oils. It's mixed with awesome butters that are all 100% natural and without any harmful chemicals. This beard balm hydrates the beard and the skin beneath it. It is perfect for beards experiencing a bit of a dry spell. Use this after every wash and trim.

3. Wild Willies Beard Wash Shampoo



Dirt, gunk, food, and various other pollutants clog your beard over the course of the day. This may lead to frizzy, dry, and itchy beards. If you have a frizzy, dry, and itchy beard type, you might want to take a look at this: the Wild Willies Beard Wash Shampoo.

This wonderful concoction contains Vitamin E that revitalizes hair. It also contains peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemongrass essential oils that keep your skin moisturized and refreshed. The ingredients in this shampoo give your beard a nice hold, allowing it to stay together in one big clump and helping to prevent split ends. This is one of those great beard products that "just work," which is why they are looked upon with fondness by many a bearded man.

4. Wild Willies Board Bristle Beard Brush

Wild Willies Board Bristle Beard Brush | The Best Beard Products For Your Beard Type | beard products Wild Willies Board Bristle Beard Brush Photo by Wild Willies 

Take a minute and look at that title. That is just about the manliest name for a hairbrush I've ever seen. But it's not all for show. The Wild Willies Beard Brush by The Manskape Co. uses pure boar bristles for their brushes. This isn't your mom's plastic hairbrush. Manskape Co. doesn't muck around with no plastic pansy brushes.

What the boar bristles do is give your beard the good kind of stiffness when brushing. Sometimes, curly beard types need a bit of taming, so this is the perfect brush for it. However, it does come with a caveat: don't pull too much. We want to avoid pulling off hair from your beard as much as possible. Try to comb it over with a fine comb before you use the brush.

5. Wild Willies The EDGE Beard Shaping Tool

Wild Willies The EDGE Beard Shaping Tool | The Best Beard Products For Your Beard Type | beard grooming tools Wild Willies The EDGE Beard Shaping Tool Photo by Wild Willies 

Speaking of combs, the Wild Willies THE EDGE Beard Shaping Tool is perfect for pretty much every beard type. When you buy this, you won't ever want to use a dollar-store plastic comb ever again. The beard comb is essential in evening out your beard, and to avoid split ends. Use this comb on your beard and mustache before brushing it.

6. Philips Norelco Beard & Head Trimmer



Finally, rounding up our list of beard products is the Philips Norelco Trimmer.  This wireless and portable trimmer is a must-have in your daily grooming kit. It's powered by a Li-ion battery that lasts longer than your phone ever will. That's the main selling point, but there's more.

It features a lift and trim mechanism that practically eliminates tugging, so no more pulled hairs during trimming. It has 17 (yes, 17!) built-in precision length settings, plus a zoom wheel that locks it in. This is to ensure that you get an even trim wherever your trimmer goes, even if you suck at using it. Finally, it's water-resistant. Just run it over the faucet and boom, you got the cleanest trimmer ever. Perfect for any beard grower, both the lazy and dutiful.


Matthew Brian Brown reviews one of our favorite and best beard products:

These beard products don't necessarily fit just one beard type. So whatever your type is, it's nice to have these awesome products in your grooming kit. Remember, however, that it's all a matter of preference. Try out other products and see what works for your beard. In the end, it's all about what makes you - and your beard - happy.

What are your best beard products? Let us know in the comments section.

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