7 Beard Growth Tips for a Thicker and Fuller Beard

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There is something special about a full, luxurious beard. Unfortunately, many men try to grow one only to be disappointed in their progress. Today, the disappointment ends. The following beard growth tips are all the info you'll need to develop your best beard. 

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Beard Envy and the Sad Truth of Giving Up On Beard Growth Tips

There is a tendency to attribute beard growth with masculinity, which is problematic on several levels, not including the shifting paradigms of gender in society. Scientifically, beard growth has little to do with masculinity in the psychological sense and more to do with genes and testosterone production. The assumption that a thicker beard makes someone more of a man is nonsense.

However, whatever their reasons, many men who wish to have a thicker and fuller beard unfortunately believe it is impossible. Some individuals can grow a beard with ease because of their genes. Additionally, the color, density, and diameter of your facial hair can contribute heavily to the look of fullness. 

Beard envy is a problem because if someone cannot achieve the same results as someone else, he may give up on developing a beard — and no one should miss out on a beard if they want one. Instead of comparing yourself to others and trying to mimic their style, focus on developing your own beard. 

Giving Your Face the Treatment Needed for Success

A healthy beard depends on a healthy foundation. You need to take care of your skin. If your facial skin becomes dehydrated during the growth phase, it can inhibit follicle health. Additionally, when you have a beard, dry skin under it can lead to beard dandruff. Therefore, before you start, you want to incorporate a moisturizer in your daily routine, ensuring your skin is healthy and well hydrated.

Also, as you begin to grow your beard, include a beard wash and beard oil treatment in your routine. You do not need to use the wash daily, but the beard oil should be used every day you have or are developing a beard.

Remembering Time Is Paramount for Growth

Growing a beard requires commitment, especially in the early stages. Too many aspiring beard growers quit before the facial stubble becomes manageable or begins to fill in. A typical beard has a starting phase of about four weeks, and it can be up to six, depending on your facial hair. Unfortunately, most men trim or shave their sapling beard around the two- to three-week mark because it begins to itch.

Itchiness is a result of either poor grooming habits or new hair growth. When hair follicles pierce through the skin, it can lead to mild irritation, but any mild discomfort or annoyance is magnified when the skin is not adequately moisturized. 

After the three-week mark, facial hair will start filling in for most individuals, transforming from standard, coarse stubble to softer, fuller hair. You mustn't trim, cut, or shave during the first four weeks because doing so could inhibit your progress.

Beard Barber Visit | 7 Best Beard Growth Tips

Deciding What You Want From Your Beard

After the initial four-week growth period, you can begin thinking about how you want your beard to look. At this stage, it is OK to start shaping and trimming the beard. However, it is strongly encouraged that you locate a qualified barber with experience in beard work to help you learn the necessary skills of beard care and management. After some experience with the barber and once your beard is fuller, you can start taking the reins on your beard maintenance.

Beard Growth Tips for a Thicker Result

While genetics play a significant role in the growth and fullness of a beard, this does not mean you cannot do anything to improve your odds. Here are seven things you can focus on to enhance beard growth.

1. Diet and Nutrition

A healthy and nutritious diet is necessary for your overall well-being. In particular, a protein- and vitamin-rich diet are required for a fuller beard. Eggs, kale, nuts, and other vegetables and proteins are excellent dietary choices for a healthy beard.

2. Supplements

A well-balanced diet should be enough to help with hair growth. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to know how much of every nutrient you are getting, which is where supplements come in. Beard growth supplements can help ensure you are getting the proper nutrients in your diet.

3. Hydrate

Eating right is only half the battle. You also need to stay hydrated. Too many people are not drinking enough water. Hydration leads to healthier skin and a fuller beard, so get in the habit of carrying around a water bottle if you don't already.

4. Exercise

Exercise, specifically cardio or aerobic exercise, can help improve beard growth. In general, exercise promotes circulation and increases testosterone and DHT production, all necessary for beard growth.

5. Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturizing is essential to beard growth. You must have healthy skin to experience optimum results. Washing your face helps stimulate circulation, exfoliating removes dead skin cells, and moisturizing keeps the skin hydrated and healthy.

6. Reduce and Manage Stress

Stress can inhibit testosterone and constrict blood vessels, making beard growth more challenging. Learning to reduce and manage stress is paramount to a healthy lifestyle and beard.

7. Sleep

Sleep is a great way to reduce stress, as long as you are not overdoing it. Additionally, sleep also helps the body regenerate healthy testosterone levels, which as essential to beard growth.

Beard Growth Tips Should Focus on Facts, Not Myths

Beard growth always comes down to genetics and a healthy lifestyle. While there are extreme options like transplantation or hormone therapy, the safest option is the natural approach. However, it is recommended to be careful about who you trust for your advice. For example, there are numerous posts and forum discussions about the benefits of shaving your beard to achieve thicker results; these claims are hogwash. You cannot get a thicker beard by shaving away the one you have.

Using the beard growth tips in this article, you should start to see more positive results, but you need to give the techniques time to work. Growing a beard is about patience and commitment. If you would like more help reaching your beard’s full potential, check out Wild Willies for more information.

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