7 Manly Scents That Attract Women: Fragrances She'll Absolutely Love

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If you’re like most men these days, you probably think a lot more about how you look than about how you smell. 

This is a mistake.

There’s a reason why every man had their staple cologne back in your grandfather’s day. Back then, men understood the power of smell and its effects on the people around them—especially women. 

Luckily for you, because smell is such a neglected realm of grooming, learning how to craft your signature scent is likely to give you a big step ahead of the competition, even if you aren’t necessarily the most stylish guy out there.

That’s why we have compiled a list of the 7 most manly smells out there. Put it to good use!


There’s no smell in the world more universally associated with men than that of fresh-cut leather.

Leather can bring up a lot of images, from a comfy old pair of dress shoes to a rebel on a bike to a man in his workshop on the farm.

Leather is one of the few smells that is simultaneously outdoorsy and classy, rugged and refined—a smell that describes the perfect gentleman.


There’s a reason why most toothpastes come in some variation of mint flavor. Gum tends to be minty for the same reason.

Mint gives off a smell that’s clean, strong, natural and energetic. It screams good hygiene without smelling overly sterile or sharp.

When you wear just a little, people automatically attribute those same highly attractive qualities to you. 


Have you ever wondered where the term “manly musk” comes from?

Musk is actually a naturally produced scent put off in varying degrees by the bodies of many mammals, ourselves (humans) included. It contains pheromones, which are our body’s natural way of sending out sexually attractive signals.

Does this mean that you need to stop showering as much? Nope. Unfortunately, the smell of your sweat will likely end up far overpowering the natural musk put off by your body. 

Luckily, musk is used as a base for many perfumes, and is even a featured smell in some. This is because it has a naturally pleasant scent, but also because it has a documented effect on your attractiveness to women and is likely to help you perform better socially as a result of its naturally magnetic qualities. 


There’s no smell out there quite like freshly cut wood…

Or stained and sealed wood. Or old wood. Or even decaying wood.

There’s a reason you love the smell of a campsite as you unzip your tent and step outside for the first time in the morning.

Wood just generally smells awesome and manly, and is likely to call to any woman’s mind a burly, self-sufficient lumberjack or wood worker. 

Wood is also versatile, since there are so many different kinds of wood out there. Sandalwood gives off a warmer, softer scent while pine is crisp and vibrant and oak is strong and woody.

With so many options out there, you’re sure to find a woody smell to suit your style and set you apart from the pack.


As is the case with wood, there is a huge variety of awesome smells out there that come from different kinds of plants, like herbs, spices, grasses, and flowers.


One of the more commonly used plants for cologne is tobacco. You might have a bad association with tobacco from its use in cigarettes, but unburnt tobacco actually gives off a rich, earthy smell that is natural and seductive.

Certain oils made from plants can also help increase your appeal, including patchouli and lavender.

Just remember not to apply too much, because oils like these can end up smelling really, really strong.


Who is manlier than a sailor? Honestly, probably nobody. 

The power and mystery of the sea has had a seductive effect on men and women alike throughout history, and there are few scents that encapsulate the spirit of adventure quite like that fresh ocean breeze. 

For this reason, ocean smells like coconut and sea salt tend to be one of the most common in cologne, as well as men’s hair and skin care products. 


Citrus can mean a lot of things, but all of them are good.

Lime is the smell of margaritas and tequila and fun nights on the beach. Lemon is bright and clean and refreshing, like a glass of lemonade on a hot day. Orange is sweet and tangy and fruity, with just a hint of bitter. 

Whatever kind of citrus you choose, it’s definitely a scent that screams natural energy. 

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