9 Hilarious Halloween Pranks To Pull On Your Buddies

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October's here, so it's time to start planning the best Halloween pranks you can pull on your buddies: from dog poo fireballs, preserved human heads in your fridge, and caramel onions, this is the only list you'll ever need this season.

Halloween Pranks For Your Buddies


1. Preserved "Human Head"

This one is pretty easy, and it's one of the best Halloween pranks you can pull. This particular prank has been performed by Spiderjohns from Reddit, to great effect. It involves a printout of your face, a jar, and some pickle juice. And you're going to need a lot of pickle juice.

Print out a picture of your face on A4 size photo paper, preferably making the ghastliest face you can. Then, jam that into the jar. Fill it with pickle juice and store in a refrigerator. Wait for someone to open the fridge during your Halloween party. Film the ensuing hilarity with your smartphone.

2. Skittles, M&Ms, and Reese's Pieces

Skittles, M&Ms, and Reese's Pieces | Hilarious Halloween Pranks To Pull On Your Buddies | funniest pranks

It's not Halloween without the candy, which makes this one of the funniest pranks you can pull for the holiday. Nothing is more horrifying than the combination of Skittles, M&Ms, and Reese's Pieces in one candy bowl. Can you just imagine the face your buddies will make after grabbing a handful of these babies, and then eating them? Their beards will definitely grow back into their heads from the disgusting taste!

3. Scarecrow Zombie



This one takes a bit of prep work, especially if you haven't done zombie makeup before. But it is definitely one of the scariest Halloween pranks ever, which makes it worth the effort. Make a passably cute scarecrow costume, complete with googly eyes on a sack head, flannel shirt, jeans, and the like. Underneath the sack head, put on some zombie makeup.

Now here comes the easy part. Go to the most packed Halloween party you can find, and start taking selfies with people. You'll no doubt be pulling in people left and right because your costume is so adorable... until it's not. Pull off your sack head and do your best zombie voice and watch as they run away from you.

4. "Wash" Your Buddy's Car

We've all done this as a child, but this is one of the funniest pranks ever that we can't leave this out. Soap can leave a (washable) mark on windshields and car windows. With that knowledge, one of the best Halloween pranks you can do is to write "serial killer" messages on your buddy's car. Simple things like:

  • I will drink from your skull
  • See you tonight
  • You left the front door open
  • You're pretty

...will definitely creep them out. Of course, these are just suggestions. Feel free to write whatever you want on the car windows. The more unsavory, the better.

5. Dog Poo Fireball

Dog Poo Fireball | Hilarious Halloween Pranks To Pull On Your Buddies | scariest Halloween pranks ever

If we're talking about Halloween pranks, we can't forget the dog poo fireball. All you do is put dog poo inside a paper bag, putting it on your buddy's porch, and lighting the bag on fire. This simple prank has been the subject of many of the funniest prank videos ever. As such, this is one of the most hilarious pranks you can pull on your buddies. It goes without saying, though -- watch out when playing with fire.

6. Bugged Out

Bugged Out | Hilarious Halloween Pranks To Pull On Your Buddies | funniest prank videos

Step 1:

Buy a bunch of fake bugs on Amazon. Cockroaches, centipedes, and the like are perfect.

Step 2:

Sneak inside your buddy's bedroom. If he's hosting a Halloween party, this makes it even better.

Step 3:

Plant all the bugs inside his comforter.

Step 4:

Wait for him to come inside his room.

Step 5:

Get your camera ready and film him once he screams in the highest falsetto you've ever heard.

7. Caramel... Onions?



If we're talking Halloween, we're talking caramel apples. But if we're talking Halloween tricks and treats (emphasis on trick), we're talking caramel onions. Under the thick, sweet caramel coating, it's pretty hard to distinguish an apple from an onion.

Whip out a fresh batch of caramel apples, but add a few caramel onions in, too. Serve the actual caramel apples to their plus ones or kids. Give your buddies the caramel onions. Watch their confusion as they bite into this "tasty" treat. Or watch in amazement as they finish the whole thing, with caramel and onion juice dripping down their beards like beard oil.

8. "Body Bags"

Imagine rolling up in your truck on Halloween night at your buddy's place, and then just dumping a bunch of bodies wrapped in garbage bags at his porch. Then, you look him straight in the eyes and walk away without a sound. Sounds like a great Halloween prank, doesn't it? But of course, you'll need to find a body first...

...in your garage! Grab a bunch of bottles and cans that you don't use anymore, and glue them together in a shape that would resemble a body. Wrap the whole thing inside a garbage bag or two, and bind it with rope. Add a bit of fake blood inside white bags for added horror effect.

9. "Special" Halloween Cupcakes

If the lady bakes a bunch of cupcakes for the Halloween party, make sure to save a few ones for your buddies. Take cupcakes that haven't been frosted yet and top it off with mustard. Yes, mustard. Serve this to your buddies as dessert, but try and keep a straight face while you're doing it!


Halloween pranks are all in good fun and are a great way to spend Halloween with your buddies. Some of these pranks take a bit of effort to pull off, but the payoff is immense. Have some fun with these pranks, but always remember to keep it safe.

What are your best Halloween pranks? Suggest them in the comments section!

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