9 Wonders Of Using Coconut Oil For Beard Care And Grooming

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Coconut oil for beard care? Not so loco as it sounds after reading these 9 amazing benefits.

9 Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Your Beard


Coconut, A Superfood

Due to its outrageous saturated content, coconut oil wasn’t always regarded as the superfood it is today. Since its 84% saturated fat, anybody watching his cholesterol levels would understandably choose other options over it. Olive oil, for example, is just 14%. Thanks to coconut oil’s rich lauric acid content—which apparently increases good cholesterol levels—and other amazing health benefits, its advocates have pushed coconut oil to its current popular status.

Today, the health market enjoys a variety of coconut oil products for skin care, anti-aging, weight loss, and inflammation reduction. For our purposes, the lingering question is Is coconut oil any good when applied topically, say, for beards and the skin? Well, as the title of this article suggests, hell yeah!

Why Use Coconut Oil For Your Beard

If you like reading the labels of beard grooming products like shampoos, oils, balms, and shaving creams, you’ll notice most brands contain coconut oil in their mix. Why?

  • Coconut oil has been shown to help slow down balding in men and women.
  • It promotes hair growth.
  • Coconut oil makes hair softer and more manageable.
  • Coconut oil is a great moisturizer.

Below are more benefits to convince you to go loco over coco oil.

1. Helps With Beardruff

Bearded man | Wonders Of Using Coconut Oil For Beard Care And Grooming | Coconut oil

The itch, the gross flakes, the embarrassment—dandruff’s a bitch, and any bearded man with it will agree. For your beardruff fight, coco oil is an ally. A valuable and useful one. Its moisturizing properties can prevent your skin from drying and flaking, decreasing the build-up of dandruff.

2. Superb Moisturizer

As with other types of beard oils, it pays to massage some coconut oil deep into your beard to reach your skin. Keeping your beard and skin hydrated is key to having a good-looking mane.

3. Softer Beard

Keeping your beard soft can be a challenge. You’re up against the weather and the tough ordeal of choosing the best product for your beard. Enter coconut oil. As you can remember, this oil contains lauric acid. When applied topically, this substance conditions your beard better and faster as it can penetrate the hair shaft and follicles effectively. Hence, the beard becomes softer and more manageable.

4. Shinier, Healthier Mane

It goes without saying—keeping your beard well-moisturized with coco oil will result in a shinier, healthier facial hair.

5. Tough On Bacteria and Fungus

The buildup of fungus and bacteria in your beard can cause infections and other icky stuff on your skin. Coco oil can sanitize your beard and prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for unwanted, nasty entities.

6. Beard Growth Booster

Applying coconut oil topically won’t increase the growth rate of your facial hair. Ingesting the oil, though, can give you a boost from the inside. Consumption of coconut oil is linked to increased levels of testosterone and ketones. These substances can boost metabolism and stimulate the thyroid, leading to faster facial hair growth.

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7. Excellent For Shaving

Pre Shaving 

Coconut oil can act as a pre-shave oil to beard and skin before applying any lathering product.

Shaving Cream Alternative

If you’ve run out of shaving cream or simply are not fond of using any, coconut oil is a great alternative. It can lubricate your skin and beard, allowing easier glides with the razor. Obviously, it doesn’t give the same comfort as using shaving cream, but it can get the job done, especially if your beard isn’t too thick.

After Shaving

Virgin coconut oil as aftershave can hydrate, soften, and heal your skin. It also smells better (more natural!), unlike most fragranced post-shave products.

8. Stronger Strands

Brittleness and hair fall are major beardsman’s problems. To have a thicker, fuller-looking beard, fight brittleness and hair breakage by applying coconut oil to your beard.

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9. Great For The Itch!

Scratching his beard | Wonders of Using Coconut Oil for Beard Care and Grooming

At some point in your beard-growing journey, you’ll hit Itch Town. It’s not the best stop, but it’s a point you’ll have to cross to get to the destination—a full, bad-ass beard. Moisturizing your developing beard and your skin can help with the annoying itch.

So, What To Look For?

There are two types of coconut oil:

  1. Refined Coconut Oil – This is made exclusively from dried coconut meat, also called copra. To reduce potential bacteria from coconut meat, it has to be bleached and treated. Then, to extract the flavor and smell from the oil, it is treated by a high heat process. Some producers also use chemicals to extract as much oil as possible. Sometimes, refined coconut oil is partially hydrogenated too, which produces trans fat.
  2. Pure or Virgin Coconut Oil – This oil is made from fresh coconut meat, extracted through a wet-mill processor by a quick-dry method. Bleaching and the use of additives for this kind aren’t needed as both processes are done quickly giving bacteria less time to develop. Since this oil isn’t exposed to high heat, it retains more flavor than the former kind.

The best coconut oil for your beard is raw, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil. As mentioned, this kind isn’t subjected to too much heat, so the benefits you get aren’t compromised. While it may cost a little bit more, it sure is worth every dollar. Pure coconut oil is white and solid. Its melting point is 76 degrees.

To use it, simply slather it on. Your body temp will liquify it to a clear oil. Store it at room temp; no need to put it in the fridge. During warmer months, you’ll notice it will melt in the jar. That’s okay, it won’t affect its potency.


Watch this video from Agnistoka, to know more about coconut oil for beard growth and how it works:

If you want to improve the overall look of your facial fur, you can try going natural and use coconut oil. In case you don’t wanna ditch your usual beard oils, you can look for products with coco oil in their formulation.

Have you tried using coconut oil for your beard? Let us know about your experience below!

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