The BEST beard barbers in Dallas, Texas

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How to pick your beard barber

Looking for a professional barber to trim your beard? Most bearded men do visit a beard barber at least once in their life to get their facial hair professionally shaped and cut.

When you do find a trustworthy barber - you make a friend for life. They will listen to your troubles AND make your face look better. What more could a guy ask for?

No doubt, it is important to do some research and find yourself a good barber or you could end up looking worse than when you walked into their barbershop or salon.

Lucky for you - I've done the heavy lifting.

Here are the top 5 beard barbers in Dallas:

  1. Bearded Bastard Barber Shop
  2. Brass Tacks Barbershop
  3. The Kings Club
  4. High and Tight Barbershop
  5. Yellow Rose Barbershop

1 - Bearded Bastard Barber Shop

Beard Barber in Dallas - Bearded Bastard

Bearded Bastard is a barbershop that focuses on traditional men's haircuts and straight razor shaves. It's a great place to listen to great music, enjoy a cold beer, and unwind while getting your haircut or beard trimmed.

Location: 2328 North Henderson Ave, Dallas , TX 75206

Price of a beard shave: $35.00

2 - Brass Tacks Barbershop

Beard barbers in Dallas - Brass Tacks

Brass Tacks is a barbershop with focus on straight-razor shaves and traditional cuts. Listen to great music and enjoy a beer from a local brewery.

Location: 1321 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75202

Price of a beard shave: $30.00

3 - The Kings Club

The Kings Club is known by clients as a "super chill" spot to get your hair or beard serviced. Located in the Bishop arts area in Dallas - this beard barbershop has some of the top barbers in Dallas.

Location: 301 w 7th St, Dallas, TX 75208

Price of a beard shave: $45.00

4 - High and Tight Barbershop

High and Tight Barbershop is a 1920's inspired barbershop that focuses on the Gentlemen lifestyle and grooming. They strive to take you from a modern society to a time when life was just a little more tailored.

Once your cleanup is finished and you’re feeling dapper, head on back to their "Hidden" cocktail bar for a very unique experience.

Location: 2701 Main St, Suite 190, Dallas, TX 75226

Price of a beard shave: $35.00

5 - Yellow Rose Barbershop

Yellow Rose Barbershop was founded on the idea of a haircut as less of service and more of an experience.

Art covering every square inch of wallspace, cold beer in the fridge, an old 70's Rock tune on the speaker, the feel of a hot towel on the face, and the soothing smell of peppermint are just a few things that make this place hard to say "no" to. 

Location: 320 Singleton Blvd, Dallas, TX 75212, USA

Price of a beard shave: $35.00

Post beard barber - at home beard maintenance tips

Here are the most important beard maintenance tips that you can complete at home:

  • Wash your beard
  • Comb your beard
  • Groom stray hairs with scissors, not clippers
  • Use clippers or a razor on your neck and cheek lines
  • Nourish your beard

Wash your beard

Wash your beard as often as you wash your hair. If you have a short beard that might mean light scrubbing with some body wash.

If you have a long beard, you'll want to use something a little stronger and more tailored to a deep clean. A specially formulated beard shampoo will do the trick.



$ 12.94

Why Beard Wash Is A Must Your beard is not as clean as you think! Beards trap dirt and grease, it’s impossible for them not to. So they need extra attention to remain clean. But just using any old regular shampoo… Read More

Comb your beard

If you have a short beard you won't need to worry about combing it but for guys with a medium or long beard - don't skip this tip.

Combing your beard will prevent your facial hair from getting knotty or tangled. It will also give your skin a chance to breathe.



$ 9.99

No More Hair Tangle!  MADE WITH NATURAL BOAR BRISTLES for Professional Beard and Mustache Grooming. Beautifully Engraved, Small Travel Size & Ergonomically Designed Holder.  WHILE OTHER BEARD BRUSHES may be made with flimsy, uneven, and weak synthetic bristles that constantly fall… Read More

Groom stray hairs with scissors, not clippers

Your facial hair will grow at different speeds in different areas. For any rogue hairs, take some scissors to them.

If you use clippers you might over-groom a small problem and create a larger one for yourself.

Use clippers or a razor on your neck and cheek lines

Make sure to keep your neckline and cheek lines tight. For this, you want to use clippers or a razor.

This step is best left to the professionals but I know a few advanced beardsmen who use a straight razor at home.

Nourish your beard

Nourish your beard after every shower with some beard oil. It will keep your beard moisturized, looking great and smelling better.

For some structure, try a beard balm. It has more hold than beard oil and great for sculpting different beard styles.

Beard Oil - Original

Beard Oil - Original

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Beard Butter - Original

Beard Butter - Original

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A professional beard barber can help you get the most out of your beard in the same way a great barber or hair stylist can help with your haircut.

But, the personal care doesn't stop when you leave the barber shop!

Remember to wash, nourish and groom your beard at home using some of the suggested products above.

- Willie

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