Beard Grooming: A Full How-To Guide

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So, you've decided to grow a beard. Or, you've had a beard for as long as you can remember but you're ready to put some effort into making it look extra amazing. Awesome! You're in the right place.

A well-groomed beard can make you look distinguished and handsome. But if you're not used to growing facial hair or have never had a dedicated beard care routine, the process can be a little daunting. That's why we've put together this comprehensive guide on beard grooming. We'll walk you through everything you need to know in order to have a well-groomed beard that looks great no matter what style you go for.

Beard Grooming Essentials

First, let's go over the basic essentials you'll need for beard grooming. These are the tools and products you should have on hand to get started with taming your facial hair:

  • Beard Brush: A good beard brush is essential for keeping your facial hair looking neat and tidy with precision. Look for a beard brush with natural bristles, like a boar bristle brush like this one.

  • Beard Comb: In addition to a beard brush, you'll also need a beard comb to help style your beard hairs- particularly when you have a wet beard after a shower. Look for a beard comb with wide teeth and rounded tips to avoid damaging your hair. Plus, you should also have a beard comb with finer and narrower teeth to help you with trimming basics.

  • Beard Trimming Scissors: You'll need a good pair of scissors to trim your beard and keep it looking sharp. Be sure to get a pair that's specifically designed for cutting hair with easy-to-use ergonomic handles.

  • Beard Trimmer: A beard trimmer is key for sculpting and shaping your facial hair into the style you want. Make sure to get one that's rechargeable with multiple length settings.

  • Edging Tool: While an edging tool isn't an absolute essential, it can be a game changer for beard grooming and getting a super sharp, clean look around the edges of your beard. This will help you achieve clean lines and avoid any missed spots.

  • Beard Shampoo: Ditch the generic soap for your whole body and get a dedicated shampoo to give your beard some love. A good beard shampoo, or beard wash, will be gentle and sulfate-free to avoid stripping away natural beard oil.

  • Beard Conditioner: Just like your head hair, your beard hair needs some extra hydration to look and feel its best. A dedicated beard conditioner will help keep your facial hair soft, manageable, and free of tangles with natural oils.

  • Beard Oil: Beard oil is a must for keeping your facial hair healthy, hydrated, and looking its best. It contains nourishing ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and essential oils. Plus, beard oil can help give your beard a nice shine and boost the health of your skin underneath too.

  • Beard Balm: Finally, beard balm is a leave-in conditioner that helps style and shapes your beard while also providing some extra hydration. Typically, beard balm is made with beeswax, which gives it a thicker consistency.

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How to Trim a Beard

Once you have all the essentials on hand, it's time to learn how to trim your beard.

Let's review the basic steps:

  1. Take a warm shower to soften your hair with beard wash and beard soft (or at least wash your beard and face in warm water in the sink).

  2. Then, use a comb to detangle any knots or tangles.

  3. Next, you'll want to decide on the length and shape you want for your beard.

  4. Grab your trimmer.

  5. Finally, start trimming away excess hair until you're left with the desired shape.

  6. Start by using a longer length setting on your trimmer and then gradually go shorter until you get the look you want.

  7. Be sure to go slowly and take your time- you can always trim more later if needed.

  8. For any stray hairs, you can grab your fine-toothed comb and scissors to get a super sharp, clean look. You can always use your scissors for fine-tuning later too if you notice a spot that was missed.

  9. Don’t forget the mustache!   Be sure to trim any hairs that are hanging over your upper lip. You can use your trimmer on a lower setting or a small pair of scissors to get the job done.

How to Deal with the Trim Mess

No matter how careful you are, trimming your beard will inevitably result in some hair falling on the floor (or sink, or countertop...). The best way to deal with the mess is to have a designated spot for trimming, whether that's a specific room in your house or even just a small area of your bathroom counter.

That way, you can easily sweep up the hair afterward and avoid any major clean-up.

How to Fade a Beard

Now that you know the basics, let's quickly review some tips for giving your beard some depth.

If you want to add some dimension to your beard, fading is a great option. Fading simply means that your beard will be shorter at the bottom and gradually get longer as it goes up.

  • To achieve a fade, start by trimming the bottom of your beard to your desired length.

  • Then, use a shorter length setting on your trimmer as you work your way up.

  • Once again, remember to go slowly and take your time- you can always trim more later if needed.

  • And don't be afraid to experiment.

Not sure what type of shape your beard needs? See our full guide on beard shaping to find your most compatible beard style.

How to Shape a Beard: The Fine Tuning

In addition to fading, there are a few extra steps and areas of the face and neck to keep in mind:

Make sure your beard is even

First, you'll want to make sure both sides are even. An easy way to do this is by holding a comb horizontally along your cheekbones and trimming away any hairs that are sticking out. You can also use your trimmer to create a straight line from the bottom of your sideburns to the corner of your mouth.

Go for clean lines

Once you have the basic shape down, it's time to start focusing on the details. In addition to using scissors on long hair, it's also worth cleaning up any areas where you don't want hair. This typically includes the Adam's apple, sideburns, cheekbones, and neckline.

The sideburns 

You can either trim them down or let them grow out. It's really up to you. Just remember to keep them even with the rest of your beard.

The ears

Be sure to pull your hair away from your ear before trimming. This will help you avoid accidentally cutting too short or missing any longer pieces.

The neckline

The general rule of thumb with a neckline is to keep it about an inch or two above the Adam's apple. But ultimately, you'll want to trim it to a point that's comfortable for you.

The cheekbones

This is probably the most important area to focus on when shaping your beard. After all, this is what will really give your beard its defined look.

To start, you'll want to find your natural cheekbone line and then trim away any stray hairs that are hanging over it. You can use a trimmer or a small pair of scissors to get the job done. If there are any sections you want completely gone, you can also use a razor and a shaping tool.



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The mustache

Finally, you'll want to clean up your mustache to match the rest of your well-groomed beard.

Other Tips for Beard Grooming

Now that you're well on your way to being a beard grooming expert, let's review a few tips and tricks that can maximize your efforts.

Allow your hair to grow in evenly before you start grooming

This is especially true if you've just started growing your beard. Allow 4 to 6 weeks minimum for full beard growth.

Choose the right beard shape

Not all beard shapes are created equal- it's important to pick a style that works with your face shape and preferences.

Be patient

Growing a beard that looks awesome takes time. Don't get discouraged if it's not growing as fast or filling in as you'd like- trust us, it will eventually get there.

Boost your beard growth

While you can't actually make your beard grow any faster, you can give it a little extra help with the right products. We recommend finding beard products that contain caffeine and biotin to naturally stimulate growth.

Maximize your beard health

A healthy beard starts with a healthy diet. Be sure to eat plenty of protein-rich foods as well as leafy greens. Plus, seal in moisture and nourish your beard hair (and skin beneath) with high-products rich in natural oils, such as beard oil and beard balm (as discussed in the beard essentials above).

Train your beard

Yes, you read that correctly- you can actually train your beard. If you want your beard to grow in a certain direction or achieve a certain style, you can train it with a little patience and effort.

Here's how: When your beard is damp, use a beard comb or beard brush, only brushing in the direction you want it to grow. Then, apply a small amount of beard balm to hold everything in place. Repeat this process every day until you achieve the desired result.

Is It Better to Shave or Trim When Beard Grooming?

This is a common question with no easy answer. It really depends on your personal preferences and the look you're going for.

If you want a more polished, professional look, you'll probably want to shave your beard hairs down to a manageable level and then shape it from there. However, if you're going for a more rugged, natural look, you can simply trim away any stray hairs and call it good.

For a low-maintenance beard, we recommend the latter. If you are focusing on growing a full healthy beard, shaving becomes less important. Instead, adequate beard grooming is what will make your beard look polished.

Now You're a Beard Grooming Expert

Remember, the more you practice the better you will get at beard grooming.

We hope this beard grooming guide has been helpful in your journey to becoming a beard grooming expert. With the right tools, patience, and effort- you'll be well on your way to a distinguished beard you'll love.

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