Beard Ornaments: Bling Your Beard For Holiday Parties

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For the love of the f*cking holidays, who's up for some beard ornaments? Let's get you holiday-ready with these beardaments inspirations.

'Tis The Season For 10 Beard Ornaments Ideas

The Birth of a Facial Hair Craze

Would you believe that this trend's Bethlehem was actually London? And its conception was for a beautiful cause? (Man, the US has to step up its beard trend-setting game!)

Two advertising guys bedazzled their mugs for their company's Christmas card in 2014 and the baubles proved to be a hit! Pauline Ashford and Mike Kennedy, of Grey London Advertising, then decided to put the beard decorations available for sale with all the profits going to the Australian melanoma charity Beard Season.

Four years later, the trend is still catching on! There are now companies like Beardaments that actually sell beard-decor kits so rugged men like yourself can season up their beards. Ready for some inspiration?


1. A Good 'Ol Christmas Tree

Who needs a Christmas tree when you've got a beard ready for some decorating? Color your whole beard green, hang up some Christmas balls, and finish with a glittered star on top, you'll be good to go.

2. The Rein-Beard

Oh, the joy of puns. You'll need a reindeer figurine, Christmas garlands with snowflake accents, silver tinsel, and some balls (literally and figuratively!)

3. Winter Wonderland

If you can pull this off, you might officially be the coolest bearded man ever. Spatter some fake snow powder on your mug, hair, and shoulders. Top 'em off with some huge-ass snowflake sequins, and that's it.

4. The Glitter Beard

You'll need a shit ton of glitter, self-confidence, and patience for this one. It really looks like the bomb, though. If you wanna turn heads, glitter up!

5. The Wreath Man

You'll need your beard as the base, some mistletoe flowers and small poinsettias here and there, and a specialty ornament of your choice in the middle. You get two badass things with this one: a beardament and a great mistletoe joke for the ladies.

6. The Light of the Party

Because being the life of the party is overrated. Things-to-do includes carefully weaving short, battery-powered lights throughout your beard. Nothing too complicated.

7. I Am The Gift

All you have to do is wrap your mug with a big Christmas ribbon. For added panache, you can fashion a handlebar mustachio.

8. Mistletoe Man

If you wanna score, this is the style to go for. Don't worry—it doesn't complicate things once kissy-time commences. Just pull the ornaments the f*ck off and get some.

9. Snowy Upside Down Woods

It's time to channel your inner lumberjack.

10. Jingle Beard

Pull up to the party in this minimalist, yet pronounced, beard get-up.

Post-Craziness Care

With all the stuff that's gonna go in your beard to pull any of these off, some serious beard care has to be done after. If you haven't tried our very own beard wash or beard oil, you know what to wish for this Christmas.

Watch as men decorate each other's beard in this video from BuzzFeedVideo:

Here's one final crazy idea to liven up the party. If you have 11 more furry-faced friends, you can all season up and be the Twelve Beards of Christmas. How about that for some solid holiday cheer!

What do you think of this crazy facial hair craze? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! 

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