Beard vs the Summer Sun - Which One Will Make You Hotter

Bubba Stacy
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With summer around the corner, you can be sure there are more than a few gents preparing to massacre their chin and throat hair. When temperatures are sizzling, we tend to shed as much insulation as possible -- clothes become skimpier or even optional. And some men shed their beards too, hoping to ease the heat a little more.


Here’s the dilemma - guys look cool with a beard. But to cool down in the summer, they shave it off. Is it necessary to sacrifice your awesome look?

Beards Are Face Shields

Many are surprised to hear that beards don’t need to go. You can wear your neck sweater in the summer and avoid feeling like you’re about to go up in flames. That’s because a common misconception is beards trap heat and make the body hotter. After all, during winter, beards do just that. They prevent heat from escaping, helping to keep us warm. So how do things work during summer?


Beards act as a shield from the heat, so strong sun rays can’t reach the skin. In fact, one study found that beards block between 50 - 95% of UV rays, depending on the thickness of your beard. The thicker, the better! And if you have a longer neck beard, the big veins running near your throat stay cool too.


Not only does your beard shield your face from the heat, it protects your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Beards 1. The sun 0.

Beards And Airflow

Another way that beards actually help during those blistering days is they act like a natural air-conditioner. How do we figure that? Well, when it’s hot, we sweat. When sweat evaporates, air flows out of the beard, which has a cooling effect. Take this to the next level by spraying your beard with a little water when things really heat up for a personalized, water-fueled cooling system. Another point for beards!


Of course, that’s not an excuse to neglect our beards in the summer. We spend a lot more time outside doing summertime activities, which causes more sweating. This can cause skin irritations, itchiness, and scratching, and beard hair can become brittle and damaged. Sometimes, men notice their beards thinning out as a result.


Summertime Maintenance

Therefore, It’s vital to continue with beard maintenance. This Beard elixir has powerful carrier oils, vitamins, and essential oils to condition and strengthen your beard. And it comes in a cool mint scent -- a perfect combination for the summer months.


Another precaution to take during the hot season is related to the activities you do. You’ll no doubt take a vacation, have countless barbecues, or spend hours lazing in the pool. You’ll also be less motivated to stick to a routine of beard grooming. But that’s not advisable. The increased time spent outdoors means hair is exposed to the sun more often. And when you’re in the pool, chemicals don’t do your hair any favors. General outdoor activities will likely result in more dirt and debris getting into your beard, so you’ll want to wash  your beard to get rid of the grime and sweat.


Too much washing can dry out beard hair because it eliminates valuable beard oils. So don’t over wash your beard. Keep it well oiled and moisturize with Beard balm. It conditions and treats hair from the inside, providing the right hydration.

The results are in and it’s clear what the winning side is. You and your beard are miles ahead in the “hotness” race because you not only look good, but your beard helps to deal with stifling temperatures during summer. And it protects your skin from the harsh heat too. So don’t reach for the clippers in the next few months. You can have it all -- a hot beard for the hot season!

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