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Thinking of gifting yourself a beard brush this coming holiday? Here are nine great choices for your beard grooming pleasure.

The Best Beard Brush You Can Give Yourself This 2018


1. BFWood Beard Brush for Men



BFWood’s product comes with a nice black walnut handle. You can swear by the authenticity of the boar bristles by the nice scent the product exudes after unboxing it the first time. The bristles endure long time use. It’s just unfortunate that the travel container is made of cardboard, meaning it won’t last long if it gets wet or if it's stored in a humid place.

2. Badass Beard Care Beard Brush for Men



When you want a beard brush that fits snugly into your palm as you go through untangling your beard hairs, this product from Badass Beard Care does a decent job. The manufacturer crafts their brushes out of bamboo, giving you a comfy grip as the boar hairs work on your mane.

3. Hundred Company Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Hundred Company’s beard brush treats beards of all lengths right with its combination of stiff and soft bristles that untangle beard hairs breezily. The comb’s old-school craftsmanship will remind you of your own grandpappy’s brush. So far the only caveat some men profess with this product is its distinct animal smell. A fair amount of beard balm or beard oil can overpower this objection, though.

4. Peter’s Beard Horse Hair Beard Brush



For the discerning man who prefers a beard brush that’s sensitive and agreeable to his beard from the get-go, there’s Peter’s Beard Horse Hair beard brush. Since the bristles are made with good-quality horse hair, it’s decidedly soft from the start, unlike boar hair bristles. At just under $8, this product is a solid buy for guys who are looking to pinch a few pennies.

5. Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Brush


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Rocky Mountain Barber Company’s beard brush feels great in your hand because of the nice contoured design that fits right in your palm. The manufacturer prides itself in giving men a product which boasts of 100% boar hair. You can expect a nice groom on your beard thanks to this item.

6. Seven Potions Beard Brush For Men

This brush from Seven Potions easily gives expensive branded brushes a run for their money with its nice pear wood handle and quality boar bristles. Seven Potions’ beard brush works up a nice wonderful lather and also provides a pleasurable combing experience —it’s as if you’re giving yourself a nice soothing massage with every stroke.

7. Wild Willies Beard Brush

beard brush | Best Beard Brush For Your Man Mane

Wild Willies' own beard brush fits perfectly into your pocket and comes with a nice travel-sized container. The round wooden handle comes beautifully engraved with nice grooves on the sides for easier handling. Since the company sources only the best quality boar hairs for this brush, you can expect it to gently detangle your beard hairs and to effectively distribute any beard oil or beard balm on your man mane.

8. Zeus 100% Boar Bristle Pocket Beard Brush



You can tame that wild, unbridled face bush with this product from Zeus. Zeus’ pocket beard brush looks good thanks to its nice Austrian pear wood body, and feels much better on your face and beard hairs because of the first cut boar bristles. Fair warning though, some men find the brush a little rough, meaning you can expect good exfoliation action from this pick.

9. Zilberhaar Beard Brush



Compared to the other brushes in this list, Zilberhaar Pure Boar Bristles comes with a longer handle so if you want something that looks like your traditional hair brush, this is it. The company boasts that German craftsmen create each piece that rolls out of their factory. A Zilberhaar does what beard brushes do a tad better in terms of smoothening and grooming unruly beard hairs, spreading beard care products on each strand and leaving a light touch on your skin.


To learn the easy steps on how to trim a mustache, watch this video by Wild Willies:

You may notice that there is not a single synthetic beard brush in this list. When you line up synthetic vs horse hair vs boar hair beard brushes against each other, you’ll find the ones with natural animal hairs offer better and gentler grooming than man-made ones. Your beard deserves the best care, so go for the brush that’ll treat it like the ones in this list will.

What do you think about the beard brushes in this list? Did we miss your favorite beard care tool or brand? Give us your reply in the comments section below.

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