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Beards have become more prevalent in recent years. Along with the popularity arise many debates on how to groom your beard. One of the most important aspects is finding the best beard softener for your needs. Beard Conditioners and softeners are not the same as a hair conditioner for your head - they are designed specifically for facial hair.

Some people prefer something lighter than a cream or oil, which is where beard conditioners come in. These nutrient-rich products help relieve itching and restore the health of damaged beards by using natural oils like tea tree oil, sweet almond oil, and other ingredients that help soften your facial hair and the skin underneath it.

How to soften your beard?

It is easy to tell the difference between a healthy beard and an unhealthy beard. A well-groomed beard becomes hydrated, silky, and obedient. Fortunately, there are several effective methods for softening your beard. This includes using the best mane treatments and changing your beard regimen to get the most out of those treatments.

Whether you are growing a beard for the first time or if your beard has been dry and itchy for a while, here are some beard softening tips that will keep your beard hydrated for a long time. 

Trim your beard with scissors.

First, do a spot check: comb your beard upward as if it were a lion's mane. Then use a comb to return it to its original position. Use a beard clipper to remove any protruding hairs. This is a great way to check for naughty coarse hairs that may not be as soft and flexible as the rest of your beard.

Wash your beard daily.

First, using a beard wash designed for your beard will condition your hair as it cleans and moisturizes every strand. Secondly, it removes dirt, grime that can harm the health of each hair. With a top-quality beard shampoo, you can remove the grit without removing your beard's natural oils.  

To soften your beard, apply beard oil or beard conditioners twice a day.

This is the most crucial stage. These products penetrate the hair and soften them with vitamins and nutrients of various kinds. Hair, in turn, relaxes and gains a healthy shine (which brings a dull beard back to a radiant life).

Best Beard Softener

Comb and brush your beard.

A top-quality boars hair beard brush is your best bet. Whether you are using beard oils or your skin is producing oils naturally, using a brush or comb will help distribute the oils evenly. After everything has been combed or brushed back into place, it is also an excellent time to check your beard for obstinate, coarse, messy hairs.

Use beard balm to style your beard.

While beard oils and conditioners can work as light styling products, beard balm should always be on hand. Balms give you complete control over your beard style because they are slightly more durable. They are also rich in nutrients that soften and preserve the beard hair and the skin underneath it.

Best beard softener

We rarely talk about beard conditioner when we talk about beard maintenance and grooming. While beard oil is excellent for softening and moisturizing your beard, what if you prefer something lighter?

That's where beard softener comes in! When it comes to looking after your beard and its overall condition, beard softeners are a must. These nutrient-rich beard conditioners help relieve itching and restore the health of a damaged beard. They usually contain many natural oils and products that leave behind seductive aromas that make you welcome to those around you.

We've included a list of some of the best beard conditioners for men below. So, show your beard how much you care for it by grooming it and keeping it healthy.

1 Wild Willies Progro Beard Soft

Wild Willies Progro Beard Soft was designed with one purpose in mind. To soften your beard! Nobody likes the dreaded beard itch as it starts to grow, especially if you or your girl has sensitive skin. So if we're really here, Beard Soft may be the best decision you could ever make. Heck, it could save your relationship!

PROGRO Beard Soft was formulated to lock in, moisturize and hydrate your beard. Packed with quality ingredients and essential oils, your beard will stop feeling like a brillo pad and start to feel like a plush pillow. Once that happens, she won't be able to keep her hand off you... And we all know where that can lead!

So do yourself a favor and grab a bottle of Progro Beard Soft because it's a heck of a lot cheaper than divorce!

PROGRO Beard Soft

PROGRO Beard Soft

$ 14.97

WILD WILLIES PROGRO BEARD SOFT WAS DESIGNED WITH ONE PURPOSE IN MIND... ... To Soften Your Beard! Nobody like the dreaded beard itch as it starts to grow and your girl definitely doesn't like it scratching up her face like a… Read More

2 Honest Amish Beard Conditioner

Honest Amish uses natural ingredients in the two-in-one Honest Amish beard balm and conditioner, including cocoa base, shea butter, and essential oils extracted from avocado and almonds for optimal performance. This beard balm helps get rid of beardruff and itching. Leave it alone as soon as you apply it correctly. Find it here.


  • Provides your beard with powerful and intense hydration that lasts longer and keeps it smooth.
  • It is a unique blend of oil and wax that gives the beard a natural shine and maintains it all day long.
  • Castor, cedarwood, and argan oils have been shown to promote hair growth under optimal conditions.
  • Does not contain sulfates, mineral oils, and parabens.


  • It doesn't grow new hair but somewhat improves on what you already have.

Honest Amish Best Beard Softener

3 Just For Men Beard Conditioner

Just For Men is renowned for its revolutionary hair coloring system for men with graying hair, but beard conditioner may be your new favorite. Oatmeal, aloe, chamomile, and jojoba oil are used for nutrient-rich conditioning. It soothes and nourishes the skin below the surface, unclogs pores, and provides deep conditioning. Find it here.


  • Budget option
  • It can be applied to both beard and face.
  • Travel-friendly


  • Not wholly natural or organic

4 Bossman Fortify Intense Beard Conditioner

Do you really believe in magic? Bossman would want to have you as well. This beard softener formula includes avocado oil, mango butter, jojoba esters, rosemary leaf extract, coconut oil, aloe leaf, betaine, and argan oil. It is suitable for all skin types and helps to strengthen and thicken beard hairs. It also has a "magic smell" that is a combination of sandalwood and vanilla. Find it here.


  • Completely natural ingredients
  • Enhances the fullness of the beard
  • a rich cream


  • A bit costly

Bossman Best Beard Softener

5 Scotch Porter Restorative Leave-In Beard Conditioner

Abyssinian oil, biotin, and white willow bark are just a few ingredients that help nourish the beard. It is free of sulfates, silicone, parabens, phthalates, petroleum jelly, mineral oil, PEG, and synthetic colors. This scented beard conditioner also has a floral yet spicy scent that will last all day long on your face. Find it here


  • Porter is free of parabens, petroleum, silicones, mineral oils, artificial colors, and other harsh ingredients.


  • A bit pricey.

Scotch Porter Best Beard Condtioner

6 Billy Jealousy Beard Control Leave

This beard control helps prevent split ends and breakage. It is also sulfate-free, vegetarian, and also helps tame unruly hair. It contains aloe leaf juice, jojoba seed oil, and panthenol, which nourish and repair the epidermis under the hair. This conditioner has a woody yet fresh scent with lavender, tropical fruits, sandalwood, and oakmoss for a great scent. Find it here


  • Budget option
  • It can be applied to both face and beard.
  • Travel-friendly


  • Not wholly natural or organic

Choosing the best beard conditioner

Finding the best beard softener can sometimes be tricky. The first step is to find out what kind of beard problems you are having and then figure out which products will fix it for you. If you are just looking to soften your beard, the Wild Willies Progro Beard Soft is an excellent product for you.

If you have more severe issues like beardruff, dry, itchy skin, or dry beard hair, you may want to consider using beard oil twice a day.

Once you decide to take care of your beard, your beard will thank you. Beard oils and beard softeners are formulated to provide you with the best beard. You are on your way to creating the perfect beard when you choose Wild Willies.

PROGRO Beard Soft

PROGRO Beard Soft

$ 14.97

WILD WILLIES PROGRO BEARD SOFT WAS DESIGNED WITH ONE PURPOSE IN MIND... ... To Soften Your Beard! Nobody like the dreaded beard itch as it starts to grow and your girl definitely doesn't like it scratching up her face like a… Read More

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