Everything You Need: The Proven Beard Care Routine

Bubba Stacy
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Don’t you love it when everyone says your beard looks like a mess?

Of course you don’t.

So why not change their minds?

If you’re a proud beard-owner and you haven’t started a daily beard care routine, then you’re living in the dark ages of scraggly flyaways and itchy, uncomfortable facial hair. You’re ignoring proven advice.

Get more out of your beard with this daily beard routine so people can start telling you how manly you look in your beard instead of telling you to shave it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going for the biker look, the trendy beard or just keeping it short, manicured and corporate. It’s time to do it the right way, and it’s time to do it now.

Why Daily Beard Care Matters

Your beard isn’t meant to be a coverup. And beard care is just as much about those follicles on your face as it is about the skin underneath.

Dry skin, pimples and scratchiness are real problems when growing facial hair. These 5 beard care secrets will keep your skin feeling smooth and comfortable and avoid all those discomforts normally blamed on your beard.

The Tools of the Trade

While your beard care routine doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, you’re not going to get where you wanna go with the all-in-one off-brand soap/shampoo shower gel.

You wouldn’t trust a motor oil that doubles as transmission fluid and wiper fluid, would you? So why scrub your beard with a generic product not designed for the job?

Here are some beard care basics you’ll want to stock your bathroom toolbox with:

  • Beard oil
  • Beard shampoo
  • Razor
  • Shaping tool
  • Scissors and/or trimmer
  • Beard brush

You’re not going to break the bank with this gear. And you can use these bad boys to knock out flyaways, reduce itchiness and take back your chin from the unruly beard that’s only ever brought you weird looks.

The 5 Steps to a Better Beard

It all starts with a good beard care routine you can stick to on the daily.

These steps are quick, easy, and still leave you plenty of time to go out and seize the day no matter what your style is.

1. Wash Up

Wash your beard with specific beard shampoo to protect it from unnecessary chemicals and drying out. Beard shampoo comes in bar or liquid form and works with your body’s natural oils for healthy growth and softness.

Many beard-lovers ask, “Should I wash my beard every day?” Unless you’re happy with dry skin, scratchy hairs and beard dandruff, the answer is, “No.” A daily beard wash will do more damage than it will good, so keep the beard shampooing down to 2-3 times a week.

2. Oil Up

Beard oil is the bomb. That’s just a fact.

This best-kept secret of daily beard care is your ticket to soft, thick beard hair and reduced dryness and itching. All those vitamins, nutrients and essential oils beef your beard up and keep it feeling fresh all day long.

Beard oil is also a great solution if for the guy struggling with a patchy, scratchy or dandruffy beard.

3. Brush Up

Another often-missed step in the daily beard care routine is a good brushing.

Right before you hop in the shower, brush out your beard with a boar bristles brush. Then, hit your beard with the brush again after you’ve dried it off.

There are plenty of benefits to both brushing and combing. A brush trains your beard to grow in the direction you want and helps clear the way for all those vitamins and natural oils you’re about to apply.

Combing is great too, but it’s designed to remove tangles help you spread the oils, and style your beard for that look you’re searching for. We recommend both.

4. Trim Up

Even the best genes can work against you…

Whether you naturally grow a thick, full beard or struggle to cover patches in your natural growth, all beards grow at uneven rates. After a few months, flyaways and other issues start to crop up around the edges of your beard.

A good trim can create a unified look and prevent those annoying hairs from curling into your mouth. Find you a good beard shaping tool to guide you through this process and help you find your natural neck and cheek lines.

Depending on the look you’re going for, feel free to add your favorite razor, electric trimmer or scissors. Or all three.

5. Build Up

The final step in your daily beard routine is to give your beard a boost. Build your beard with natural supplements to encourage hair growth, softness and thickness. A quality blend of natural ingredients helps you see the results you want without chemicals, preservatives or other additives.

Gear Up With Wild Willies Beard Care Products

From daily beard wash to quality beard oil, step up your beard care routine with Wild Willies beard care products. Check out the Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit or find the individual products you need to fill out your beard care toolbox. Don’t settle for another day of dryness and patchy beard growth. Keep your face feeling comfortable and looking stylish with affordable and proven products.

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