Four Guidelines for Using a Derma Roller for Beard Growth

Kristian S
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Limp and lifeless facial hair is a downer. You want a beard that speaks to people and causes a proud double-take when you look in the mirror. Don’t waste time trying to coax the magic out of patchy hair growth. Get a tool designed to make your beard full and manly.

Get your game in gear with a derma roller for beard growth. In recent years, these rollers gained popularity because of their beneficial results in producing better blood flow and improving collagen productivity. Check out these four guidelines for using a derma roller.

how to use a derma roller for beard growth

1. Understand How Microneedling Works Using a Derma Roller for Beard Growth

Microneedling is the science behind the derma roller. Small needles on a roller head with an ergonomic handle are rolled across the surface of the face. The process causes tiny piercings in the skin that activate collagen and keratin and produce better blood flow. This improves circulation which is vital to hair growth.

2. Develop a Routine

Get in a routine of using your derma roller. If the head has 0.5mm needles, you can use it every other day along with topical treatments. It’s good to allow time for skin to rest and repair itself between uses, but consistency is important for hair and skin health. In the beginning, you may need to change up your routines slightly and add an extra day for healing as you learn how your face reacts to the derma roller for beard growth.

3. Practice Using a Derma Roller

It’s good to learn how to effectively use your derma roller. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Clean your face before using the roller
  • Test the pressure and apply only the amount needed to keep the needles against your skin
  • Fill your cheeks with air to get a smoother skin surface for rolling
  • Move across your face in diagonal, vertical and horizontal patterns to get consistent coverage
  • Clean the head after each use with alcohol or sanitizing solution

A derma roller for beard growth promotes healing over time, so stick with the process for the best results.

man using beard products with derma roller

4. Integrate Other Products

A derma roller enhances the absorption of other beard products. Microneedling promotes skin health, but to get the full facial benefits, it’s necessary to also use oils, butters and elixirs. These keep the skin soft and sufficiently moisturized to stimulate and support your hair follicles.

It is also important to wash your facial hair regularly with beard care products. Beards take on a lot of grunge, so you need to wash away the oil and dirt. Shampoos clean you up without depleting your natural oils.

Realize the Potential With a Derma Roller

Wild Willies is your team for products that get the job done. We believe in living free and making your own choices, and our brand reflects both the individuality and solidarity among beard growers.

A derma roller is an essential step toward a fuller, more masculine mane. So, declare your facial hair manifesto, and hit us up with questions to learn about our passion and products for all things beard.

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