Gift Ideas for the Bearded Man

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The holidays are here. It’s a time for fun and family and good food. Nevertheless, it can also be stressful, particularly if you have a lot of people in your life to buy gifts for. You want to make sure that everyone gets something that they will truly enjoy, but you are desperate for ideas. 

If you are reading this, you probably have a bearded man in your life—and what proud beard owner doesn’t love getting products for their beard? In addition to being useful and practical, beard care products can show the bearded man in your life that you like their beard and think they can pull it off… which really is the best gift a man can get. 

So what makes for a great holiday season beard care gift? Luckily, you have a lot of options. Let us take away your holiday season stress by narrowing down your options and offering some practical tips on how to get a gift any bearded man would love. 


When it comes to gifts, we always hear the term “it’s the thought that counts.” However, as you have probably noticed, people tend to use that saying when the gift is a little underwhelming. 

That doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. In fact, giving your gift ideas thought and making them personal is one of the best ways to tell another person that you care about them. However, the gift itself should also be something that the person really wants or needs. 

So what does that mean exactly when it comes to beard care products? Well, let’s talk about that.


When it comes to beards, you may need to think a bit about what kind of gift is best. The most important thing is to get something that your bearded man needs  that he does not already have.  Particularly if it is someone who has had a beard for a while, there are certain things that they probably already have, such as beard shampoo and conditioner. If you are bold enough, it might be worth asking offhand whether the person has these products.

However, cleaning products can also be tricky because you might accidentally imply that the person is unhygienic or needs to take better care of their beard. Ultimately, shampoo and conditioner probably are not the best gift that you can give the bearded man in your life. 

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty. What kind of gift can you get that will make a bearded man feel truly appreciated? Our suggestion? A grooming kit.


A grooming kit is simply a great gift for the bearded man in your life, and there are a lot of reasons why. 

Firstly it is a great mid-range gift in terms of price. Beard kits tend to cost somewhere between $15 and $40 bucks, meaning you don’t need to break the bank, but you can also prove you didn’t skimp. 

Furthermore, a kit is perfect because it can include necessities and commonly used items like shampoo and conditioner without drawing attention to the cleanliness aspect. Shampoo on its own could seem like a bit of a critique, but paired with beard oil, beard balm, and a beard shaping tool, it will seem more like an afterthought. 

Finally, a kit is a perfect gift because it is small and portable. While the bearded man in your life might already have everything he needs at home, a beard care travel kit is never a bad addition. In fact, the holiday season is a prime time for vacationing and travelling to visit relatives and friends, so a travel kit could be exactly what your bearded man doesn’t yet know he needs!


If you are looking for simpler, cheaper options than a full beard care kit, it may behoove you to think about stocking stuffers. With shampoo and conditioner off the table, what are some good options?

Let us suggest an all natural boar bristle beard brush, or a beard shaping tool. These items are perfectly practical, but won’t make it seem like you are overly concerned about beard hygiene. Additionally, they are small enough to make a great surprise, whether stuffed in a stocking or at the bottom of the gift pile under the tree. 


Still not satisfied? Lucky for you, we’ve got a lot more in stock! Check out our online store and browse a wide variety of high quality all-natural products. If your bearded man is already a happy owner of Wild Willies beard care products, think about apparel, or even our state of the art aluminum and carbon fiber wallet. Above all, have a happy holiday season!

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