How Often Should I Use A Derma Roller For Beard Growth?

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Using a derma roller too often can damage your skin and cause more harm than good. Every individual is different but using a derma roller 1-2 times a week is recommended for most.

There is a lot of debate surrounding how often you should use a derma roller for beard growth. Some people say that you should use it every day, while others recommend using it once every two weeks.

So, what's the right answer? In this article, we will cover how often to use a beard roller and the top mistakes people make when using it.

How often should you use a derma roller for beard growth?

You should never use a beard roller on skin that is still healing. Most men using beard rollers will notice their skin looks and feels normal within 24 hours after use.

This doesn't mean you should use it every day. Even though your skin looks normal, it is still healing.

If you have never used a derma roller before, start by using it once a week. If you don't notice an improvement in beard growth within 4 weeks start using 2-3 times a week.

What are some common derma rolling mistakes?

If you plan to use a derma roller to stimulate beard growth avoid some of the common mistakes listed below.

Common Derma Rolling Mistakes

  • Using the wrong needle size
  • Derma rolling too often
  • Not using sunscreen
  • Using on open sores
  • Using acne cream directly after use
  • Applying too much pressure
  • Sharing with friends or family

Using the wrong needle size

When using a derma roller for stimulating beard growth, you should always use a needle size smaller than 1.5mm. A 0.5mm needle length is our recommendation.

If you use a large derma roller, you may cause more damage to your skin. A large derma roller can cause micro-tears in your skin, which will slow down the healing process.

If you feel the need to use longer needles consult a doctor before using anything larger than 1.5mm.

Derma rolling too often

Derma rolling too often will cause skin irritation, redness, and swelling. If you experience any of these symptoms, stop using the derma roller and consult a doctor.

Using a derma roller daily won't give your skin time to heal between uses.

Not using sunscreen

After using a derma roller, your skin is healing and needs to be protected from the sun. Sunscreen will help to protect your skin from the sun's UV rays.

Not using sunscreen could give you a sunburn on skin that is trying to heal. Sun damage will counteract the healing process and could do permanent damage. 

how often should i use a derma roller for beard growth

Using on open sores

Using a derma roller on open sores can cause permanent damage to your skin and lead to scars.

If you have any open wounds, it's best to wait until they have completely healed before using a derma roller.

Using acne cream directly after use

Derma rolling is a great way to open up your pores and allow products in. Using products like beard oil and beard butter are recommended directly after derma rolling.

For harsh products like acne cream, retinol, or salicylic acid you should wait until your skin has healed before use. Applying harsh products directly to your skin may cause more damage and slow down the healing process.

Applying too much pressure

Pushing down too hard while beard rolling can cause skin tearing, bleeding, and bruising. You should always use light pressure when rolling the derma roller over your skin.

Sharing with friends or family

Using a derma roller is a great way to boost facial hair growth but an unclean roller can cause serious problems.

Sharing your beard roller or not sanitizing it before and after every use can cause skin infections. If blood is transferred it may even spread disease.

Is using a derma roller for beard growth worth it?

Using a derma roller has been shown to boost new hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles. If you are looking for a natural way to improve your beard growth, we recommend giving it a try.

Here are a few of the benefits of using a derma roller for your beard.

Derma Roller Benefits

  • Stimulate beard hair growth
  • Collagen and keratin production
  • Increased absorption of beard care products
  • Decrease the appearance of scars

Stimulate beard hair growth

When used on your beard, a derma roller can help to stimulate new hair growth by activating dormant hair follicles. Dormant hair follicles are activated by the body when they sense an injury.

The micro-injuries caused by the derma roller help to stimulate new hair growth in the follicle.

Collagen and keratin production

Collagen and keratin are proteins that are essential for hair growth. They help to strengthen the hair shaft and keep the hair follicle healthy.

When collagen and keratin production is increased, it can help to improve hair growth.

Increased absorption of beard care products

A derma roller can help to increase the absorption of products into your skin by opening up the pores.

It will allow beard care products, like beard oil and beard butter, into the hair follicles. This can help to improve their effectiveness and improve the overall health of your beard.

Decrease the appearance of scars

Derma rolling causes tiny injuries which signal the body to start producing collagen and keratin to help heal the skin.

This will help to improve the appearance of scars and make them less noticeable.

Should I use beard oil after derma rolling?

Yes, we recommend using beard oil after derma rolling. Beard oil will help to moisturize your skin and promote beard growth.

It is also a great way to speed up the healing process.

How does a derma roller work?

A derma roller is a handheld device that contains small needles.

When you roll it over your skin, the needles pierce the surface and cause tiny wounds. This triggers the body to produce new collagen, which helps to promote beard growth.

How long does it take for a derma roller to work for beard growth?

It can take a few weeks for the derma roller to start stimulating beard growth. To see the maximum beard growth potential use it consistently for 3 months.

How many times should I use a derma roller?

After using your derma roller consistently for 3 months you should discard it and discontinue use. If you notice a decrease in hair growth, feel free to buy a new one and start the process over again.

Think of your derma roller as a razor, every time you use it the blades dull, or in this case the needles. A derma roller works best when it has extremely sharp needles.

Using a dull derma roller won't give you the same results as a new one.

Do derma rollers work for scalp hair growth?

Yes, derma rollers do work for scalp hair growth. The small needles cause tiny wounds that trigger the body to produce new collagen.

This helps to promote hair growth and stimulate dormant hair follicles.

Where can I buy a derma roller for my beard?

You can buy a derma roller for your beard at most drugstores or online retailers. We recommend purchasing a derma roller from a reputable source to ensure you're getting a quality product.

Beard-specific rollers are recommended due to the vast amount of derma rollers on the market.

Quality derma roller features include:

  • 0.5mm needle length
  • Titanium needles
  • A narrow head to maneuver tight curves on your face and chin
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Protective case to keep it clean

If you are looking to boost beard growth, the Wild Willies Derma Roller Kit comes with our beard boost serum with biotin and caffeine to give your beard some extra kick.

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