How Often Should You Change Your Razor?

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Longtime beard-wearers may appear to have a sixth sense about when to change the blades on their razor, but the newly bewhiskered may have questions about timing. Even experienced shavers want to skip the guesswork and ensure a clean, precise shave every time. But how often should you change your razor for the best results with the least effort? It all starts with attention to the care and maintenance of your equipment, beard and skin.

How Often Should You Change Your Razor?

Like kitchen knives, a sharp razor blade is safer than a dull one. Dull razor blades not only interfere with your technique and leave your beard looking scraggly; they can also cause painful and unattractive razor burn and a greater likelihood of nicks and ingrown hairs.

Quality of Materials

The first step in razor maintenance just so happens to be the first step in beginning your facial hair journey as well. Prevention of the unappealing consequences caused by ineffective blades begins with which shaving tools you purchase. If you plan to maintain a particular beard shape or style, you'll be using your razor daily, so you'll want to ensure you have a high-quality razor.

Reduced Friction

Protecting your skin with shaving cream or shave lubricant does double-duty as a maintenance step for your razor. The lubricant extends the viability of the razor's gel strip, encouraging it to glide instead of drag across your skin. Similarly, wetting your hair with a compress or in the shower reduces friction on the blades so that the razor moves smoothly and quickly. Less resistance decreases the number of snags that can cause microscopic imperfections on the blade.

General Guidelines

So, how often should you change your razor? While quality disposable razor cartridges should last for five to seven shaves, super-cheap disposables won't last that long. This limit also depends on how often you're shaving and to what degree. If you're shaving a significant amount daily, you should replace your cartridges every week. On the other hand, if you only trim throughout the week and conduct a "big" shave once or twice a week, your blade might last two to three weeks.

How To Extend the Life of Your Razor

Once you've purchased your shaving tools, the next step is to commit to a routine that protects your skin, maintains your beard style and extends the life of your razors. Taking just a few minutes to care for tools can save time and money in the long run.

Maintain Your Razor

The answer to the question, "How often should you change your razor? " depends on how you care for the razor. Treat these tools like the precision instruments they are by practicing good blade hygiene. Anything that comes into direct contact with your skin should be as free of germs and bacteria as possible, and razor blades touching your face are obviously no exception.  Follow these steps every time you use your razor:

  1. Use a leather "strop" for safety razors to remove microscopic imperfections.

  2. Rise or wipe the blade between every swipe.

  3. Run hot water over it and wash it with antibacterial soap or rubbing alcohol.

  4. Dry it upright in a cool, dry place (not the shower!).

  5. Use a razor cover for storage and traveling.

Keep Your Skin Healthy

Beards can cause unpleasant and unattractive problems, from dry skin and dandruff to beard acne and sparse growth. Keeping your beard in good shape also involves caring for the skin under and around it, and healthy skin helps keep your razors sharp.


When you're washing off the grit and grime of the day, don't neglect the skin of your face. Many brands offer gentle and effective facial cleansers designed for bearded men without the pretty floral scents of products for women. Keeping your skin soft and thoroughly clean allows your razor blade to glide, not tug, across your skin. You can wonder less about the question, "How often should you change your razor?" when your razor gives you an easy shave every time.


Sun damage toughens your skin and increases the potential friction on your blades (not to mention the dangers of skin cancer). Sunblock helps prevent the dryness, damage and wrinkles caused by the sun that can make it harder for you to get a smooth shave.


Many beard-wearers swear by the efficacy of rollers for increasing the skin's absorption of products such as oils, moisturizers and serums. Others claim that the increased circulation to the skin helps improve overall beard growth. Smoother skin plus healthier hair means a better shave every time.

Beard Oils and Butter

Beard oils are usually manufactured with vitamins and essential oils to condition your facial hair follicles. While you should avoid beard oil or butter if you're predisposed to acne or have oily skin, they can restore moisture to your hair and skin to encourage a silky razor glide. The oils also lubricate the gel strip on your cartridge, so you'll answer the question "How often should you change your razor?" with "Less often than without oil."


If you're trying to increase the thickness and uniformity of your beard, beard serums may help. A clean shave is easier with evenly distributed hair. A growth serum or elixir may preserve the lifespan of your razor since it won't be snagging on the edges of rough patches of hair.

Hemp Elixir

Like serums, hemp seed oil blends can help fill in a patchy beard because it encourages keratin production. The hemp seed oil contains essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 to promote hydration and reduce the effects of aging on your skin. Hemp oil moisturizes your beard without feeling greasy, so your blades experience less friction as you shave.

How Often Should You Change Your Razor To Ensure a Good Shave?

You're the type of guy who wants to keep his beard looking good and his skin healthy. So, how often should you change your razor? No matter how well you care for your blades and skin, replacing your razor before it becomes dull is best. Don't wait until you experience the painful results of using a worn-out blade. Redness and irritation are not only uncomfortable, but they're also not a good look. At Wild Willies, we have tools and tips to help you grow and care for your facial hair so that you always put your best face forward.

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