How to Apply Beard Balm: Step by Step Instructions

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Applying beard balm improperly could leave you with a goopy mess in your beard. Knowing how to apply beard balm takes a bit of practice and is not as straightforward as you might think.

So, we asked Willie for a step-by-step tutorial and here it is.

Step 1 Clean Your Beard - Don’t apply balm to a dirty beard.

Using beard balm on a dirty beard can lock in the dirt, grime, and oil causing skin irritation. Here is how to prevent that.

1. Use lukewarm water and beard shampoo.

2. Gently massage the shampoo into your beard hairs. Make sure to get it to the roots and the skin underneath your beard.

3. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Step 2 Dry Your Beard - Wet beards and balm don’t mix.

Mixing beard balm and water creates a goop that you don’t want to deal with. A little dampness is okay and even recommended but make sure your beard is not dripping wet.

1. Shake out as much water as possible.

2. Apply a towel to your beard and gently pat it dry.

3. Use a hairdryer on a cool setting, and blow-dry your beard from the roots to the tips if the towel isn’t enough.

Step 3 Scrape The Beard Balm - Use the back of your fingernail.

Beard balm has a waxy consistency. The most common way to scoop it out of the container is with the back of your thumbnail. If you have soft fingernails a metal spoon is a great alternative.

Scrape a dime-size amount to start. You can always go back for more if needed but too will leave your beard looking and feeling greasy.

Step 4 Warm Up The Beard Balm - Use your hands.

Place the beard balm in the palm of your hand and rub them together. 

Warming up the balm will help it to spread more quickly and evenly through your beard. This is important because it will ensure that your beard is adequately moisturized and will help to prevent split ends and beard itch.

Warming it up will also help penetrate the hair follicles more deeply, which will allow the nutrients in the balm to reach your skin and hair better.

Step 5 Apply Beard Balm - Start at the roots.

Work the balm into your beard starting at the roots making sure to get it down to the follicles and skin. Rub it in as well as you can with your fingers and hands. 

Depending on the length of your beard you may need to go back to step 2 until you have enough for your entire beard. 

Step 6 Brush or Comb - Evenly distribute beard balm.

Using a Brush

Brush beard balm through your beard in downward strokes, starting at the edges of your beard nearest to your skin. 

A beard brush is a great way to make your beard appear fuller and help tame any flyaways or stray hairs. 

Using a Comb

Combing beard balm into your beard is an integral part of styling it and keeping it looking neat. Make sure to get to the roots of your hair, and don't forget to style the mustache as well!

Use a beard comb to hit every strand with your beard balm and make sure all hairs are covered. A comb is also handy in de-tangling longer beards. 

Step 7 Style your beard - Stand out from the crowd.

The main purpose of beard balm is to keep your beard in place. Although it has other benefits like keeping your hair and skin healthy, it’s time for the most important part.

Style your beard to your desired shape. If you want an in depth look into styling your beard check out our article Beard Styling Tips For Real Men.

Common questions about beard balm and how to use it.

How much beard balm should I use?

The amount of beard balm vaires depending on your beards length, thickness and style. Make sure to start with a small amount and apply more as needed. Here is a rough guideline to follow.

Short Beard

Since you are constantly trimming your short beard, your beard hair is typically sharp, using beard balm can help soften sharp hairs.

  • Thin & Trimmed - Dime Sized Amount 
  • Thick & Trimmed - Penny Sized Amount    
  • Thin & Full - Penny Sized Amount
  • Thick & Full - Nickel Sized

Medium Beard

  • Thin & Trimmed - Penny Sized Amount 
  • Thick & Trimmed - Nickel Sized Amount    
  • Thin & Full - Nickel Sized Amount
  • Thick & Full - Quarter Sized

Long Beard

It can be tricky to apply the correct amount of beard balm to a long beard. Some long beards are three feet long and some are only one. This is for the one footer. More balm may be needed if your beard is longer.

  • Thin & Trimmed - Nickel Sized Amount 
  • Thick & Trimmed - Quarter Sized Amount    
  • Thin & Full - Quarter Sized Amount
  • Thick & Full - Quarter Sized+

How often should I wash beard balm out of my beard?

Unless your lifestyle gets your beard dirty it's unnecessary to wash beard balm out every day.

Rinsing on a daily basis is still recommended. Because of the waxes in the balm, cool to warm water alone will not remove all the balm. 

You should wash it out at least once a week. Be sure to use beard wash instead of shampoo or body wash. These products can contain chemicals that damage your hair and skin.

However, if you have oily skin, you might need to wash it out 2-3 times a week and avoid applying too much directly to your skin.

Should I apply beard balm wet or dry?

When applying beard balm, it is essential to remember that beard balm and water don’t mix well together.

You should apply beard balm to a dry or damp beard.


 there are two ways to do it: wet or dry.

The wet method is to apply the beard balm after washing your face while your beard is still wet. The dry process is when you use the beard balm after your beard has dried.

Both methods have their benefits, but the dry process is recommended because it helps seal moisture. If you use the wet method, just make sure your beard is not dripping wet.

Should I apply beard balm to my mustache?

If you have a short mustache, then beard balm is not necessary. However, if you have a long mustache, beard balm can help tame and style it.

For guys with longer styles like the handlebar, mustache wax is a great option for extra holding power.

how to apply beard oil

Should I apply beard balm to my sideburns?

Some people find that beard balm helps keep their sideburns under control, while others find it makes them feel greasy and weighed down. 

If you decide to use beard balm on your sideburns, start with a small amount and see how you feel. If you don't like how it makes your sideburns feel, stop using it.

What is the best beard balm to use?

The best beard balm depends on personal preference and its ingredients. The main ingredient is usually beeswax, which gives the balm its thick, sticky consistency. 

Other components may include shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and essential oils. It will depend on what ingredients you prefer and which ones work the best with your type of facial hair.

We recommend going with an all natural product without any chemical additives.

Where can I buy beard balm?

When shopping for a beard balm, make sure to consider all aspects like the smell and how it will react with other products in your routine (if any). 

You may also want to try different types before settling on one that feels right for you. Wild Willies Beard Butter uses all-natural ingredients and helps make your beard softer and more manageable. 

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