How To Eliminate Beard Dandruff (Beardruff)

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There’s nothing that looks manlier than having the ability to stroke your fingers through your beard when pondering that next big decision.

But what is not attractive is the dandruff flakes that appear on your shirt afterwards.

Alright, I have to come clean here guys…

When I was a teenager, I was able to grow a beard that was relatively pretty full.

In my mind I hit the genetic jackpot.

I was definitely feeling pretty manly about myself, and you know what, I kept that beard growing for some time.

However, once my beard was about an inch or so in length I would begin to notice this terrible itching sensation.

At first I just kind of chalked it up to me having to ‘tough it out’ and get through that dreaded itch phase.

In fact, I found forums online that said beard itch was just part of the process – needless to say I didn’t really look further into at the time.

But as my beard got longer, I noticed something else was happening…

I kept getting these pesky white flakes on my shirt, and these flakes stood out like a sore thumb when I would wear darker colored dress shirts – it was starting to get embarrassing.

As time went on, I decided that either the beard needed to go, or simply I needed a cure for this beardruff – and fast!

This is when I discovered products like the Beard Elixir by Wild Willie’s.

But before I get into the details about how a beard elixir can help to cure this terrible flaking – it’s absolutely paramount to understand just exactly where this beardruff originates:

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Beardruff Begins and Ends At The Surface Of Your Skin

So here’s a bit of detail of what is going on at the surface of your skin:

At the base of every one of your hair follicles, with the exception of a few areas on your entire body, you have these tiny glands called sebaceous glands.

These sebaceous glands are responsible for keeping your skin well nourished and moisturized.

The sebaceous glands naturally excrete sebum oil.

Sebum oil is absolutely critical to the health of your skin.

Whether you are shaving daily with a cartridge razor or growing a beard for a longer term, sebum oil helps to keep your skin in tact before it becomes terribly ashy or flaking.

You might be asking yourself, why can’t your body just simply excrete more sebum oil to ward off dry skin?

Here’s the catch:

The sebaceous glands that produce the sebum oil are finite in size.

That is no matter the conditions on the surface of your skin, the sebaceous glands can only pump out so much sebum oil.

Therefore if you have a beard that is only a bit of stubble or a full on yeard (beard for a year), your daily sebum output for the day remains the same.

Given this inherit limitation, your beard will effectively suck up all the sebum oil immediately leaving both your skin thirsty along with your beard feeling a bit more brittle and dryer than usual.

In order to help supplement the production of oil for your beard, there are incredible products like the Beard Elixir by Wild Willie’s that will naturally compliment your sebum oil.

So what’s in Wild Willie’s Beard Elixir that makes it so darn special?

Here’s the secret:

Carrier Oils Tell Half The Story

One of the really great things about this Beard Elixir is that it contains all natural ingredients that will work wonders on your beard.

So what is a carrier oil and why should you care?

Carrier oils are single handedly responsible for getting your beardruff fixed in the first place. They deliver a much needed splash of both hydration and nourishment to your skin that will help to resolve any sort of prevalence of beardruff.

In fact, carrier oils aren’t just exclusive to the likes of beard elixir, you can also find them in several beard related products like Beard Butter and High Shine Serum. In addition, carrier oils are found in a plethora of beauty products for both men and women including shampoos, lotions, quality pre shave oils, aftershave balms, etc.

While the benefits of carrier oils are spoken about in great extent in this post, the key takeaway is that they will tremendously help to relieve any general irritation you are experiencing with your beard.

In addition to relieving beard itch and flaking, carrier oils also help to considerably soften your beard. A soft beard is a happy beard in that it will be less susceptible to split ends, which may require you to trim up your beard with a set of shears.

Essential Oils Are A Fundamental Part Of Any Beard Elixir


No beard elixir would ever be complete without the incorporation of essential oils into the mixture.

Essential oils key role into any beard elixir is to provide incredible scents to compliment your beard.

Now there are a ton of essential oils naturally found. Therefore beard elixirs can vary far and wide regarding scents – that’s why its always best to go with the experts that make this stuff daily and are highly rated among some of the best beard elixirs out there like the one from Wild Willie’s.

For instance, the essential oils found in the Wild Willie beard elixir contain three oils that will smell terrific when applied.

The key advantage of relying on essential oils as a scent is that they aren’t chemically engineered in a lab and therefore aren’t incredibly overpowering.

You see with essential oils, they may initially have a stronger scent at first, however after a short bit of time the strength of the oil will quickly subside and then naturally compliment your beard.

This will ensure that you don’t have too overpowering of a scent that may be to strong for either you or those around you.

Beyond the scent, essential oils also provide some additional benefits as well.

In fact, the tea tree oil found in many of Wild Willie’s products is a natural anti-septic.

Tea tree oil will naturally ward off beard acne along with keeping beardruff at bay.

Coupled with quality carrier oils, tea tree oil will help to pack a one-two punch to keep both your skin and beard in great shape.

The Secret Ingredient To Long Term Skin And Beard Care

It’s very rarely do I ever see a quality beard elixir come across my desk that includes any sort of additive vitamins in the mix.

The reason for the absence is that many beard elixir manufacturers simply want to skimp on the quality in order to increase overall profit margins by keeping just the basics in the bottle.

Therefore when a company does include Vitamin E into their beard elixir, it’s definitely worth taking notice.

With the addition of Vitamin E, you will enjoy the added skin benefits as its an effective natural cleanser while also helping to evenly tone your skin which translates to natural anti-aging properties. Vitamin E will also help to stimulate beard growth to allow you to have a better looking beard quicker.

Although if you are seriously trying to fill in a patchy beard, then its best to consider picking up a bottle of Bad Ass Beard Growth.

The Complete Beard Care Routine To Prevent Beardruff Shouldn’t End With A Beard Elixir


What many beardsmen fail to realize is that maintaining a beard shouldn’t simply end with just a regular application of beard elixir.

Although, this of course is a great first step!

For maximum health of your beard and skin, its critical to have the right set of products at your disposal.

As noted earlier, when you are in the shower, the last thing you want to use is a bar of soap to clean your beard.

Instead, what’s recommended by beardsmen everywhere is the use of a wash that’s specifically designed for your beard.

A shampoo/wash such as this one will be a natural compliment to your beard and won’t dry out your skin after every shower.

For more intensive therapy, it’s also recommended that you use beard butter in tandem with a beard elixir. This will provide the richest amount of nutrients and nourishment that your beard needs, especially if you live in s harsher and dryer climate.

Overall, it’s critical that you care for your beard properly. A well maintained beard will both look and feel great.



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