How To Find The Perfect Shaving Cream For Your Beard

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Find the right shaving cream to help you get that perfectly smooth close shave with these nine tips.

9 Things to Watch Out for When Buying Shaving Cream


1. Skin Type

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The first thing you need to do is determine your skin type. Some guys have skin that’s tougher, while others are more sensitive to chemical formulations and fragrances. If you often find yourself getting razor burns and bumps, then you might want to use natural shaving cream variants.

These might be a little more expensive, but it’s definitely worth it if you have sensitive skin. Also, try to stay away from chemical-packed commercial shaving creams you often see in department stores. Do a little exploring to find the best shaving cream for your specific skin type. Read some product and user reviews on the different creams you want to try before actually buying them.

2.Type of Shaving Cream

Before committing to a shaving cream brand, make sure to try out other variants. The different types of this product include the hard soap, lathering, non-lathering, shaving soap, and shaving gel. Once you see what works best with your skin type, that’s when you can start exploring brands. It’s a time-consuming step, but it’s necessary if you want to find the perfect shaving cream.

3. Fragrance

You basically have two choices: scented and unscented shaving cream. First, you need to find out if your skin is sensitive to the scented variety. Buy a small bottle of scented shaving cream to try out. If your skin reacts negatively, then opt for unscented ones instead.

If your skin is tough enough to handle the extra chemicals in scented shaving creams, then find one that works well with your body chemistry. Just like perfumes, different scented shaving creams’ smells vary depending on who is wearing it.

Also, make sure to wear perfumes that complement your cream’s scent. Striking a balance between the scented products you use is the best way to smell good.

Tip: Having a good-smelling beard is more than just using the right shaving cream. You need to pair it with some beard shampoo. Remember: regular soap just isn’t going to cut it.

4. Lubrication and Cushioning

The main point of using shaving cream is to add a coat of protection on your face before dragging a sharp razor across your jaw. The best shaving cream for men is one that provides sufficient lather for lubrication, cushioning, and protection.

Similarly, if you’re going to opt for homemade shaving cream, make sure that your finished product provides enough lather as well. The goal here is to make it easier for you to achieve a smooth, blemish- and stubble-free skin.

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5. Razor-Cream Compatibility

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Contrary to popular belief, not every shaving cream is compatible with your choice of razor. Plus, with all the different types of razors and creams in the market, it’s very easy to get lost and go with the wrong ones.

Before buying one, do some research online to see how well a specific brand of shaving cream works with your preferred razor. Product and user reviews are your allies in finding the best shaving cream.

One alternative option is to buy the shaving cream before the razor. Use a safety razor to see how well a specific brand works with your choice of cream.

Note: If you’re going to follow a DIY shaving cream guide, make sure the end product matches your razor of choice. Keep in mind that this process takes some trial and error.

6. Quantity and Price

Shaving cream prices vary depending on size, brand, and quality. When choosing between them, don’t just randomly pick one up off the shelf. What you need to do first is determine how much you really need.

If you have a thin, short shadow, then you don’t really need to get the biggest can in the store–even if it’s the most cost-efficient one. On the other hand, men with long, thick beards who shave regularly might benefit from buying in bulk.

Overall, don’t worry about spending a little more money for a high-quality shaving cream that really suits you. A few extra dollars is a small price to pay for a smooth, well-shaved face.

7. With Coconut Oil or Aloe Vera

To prevent any form of skin irritation, look for shaving cream products infused with either coconut oil or aloe vera. This is especially useful for men who have dry skin but want to use scented creams. The moisturizers counteract the chemicals and help soften both your skin and hair.

Tip: Shaving cream is not nearly enough to truly soften your glorious beard. If you want to take your beard-softening routine to the next level, opt for the Ultimate Grooming Kit by Wild Willies. It’s a complete package of the two most powerful, irritation-free beard-grooming products to up your game.

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8. Alcohol-Free

If your skin stings and feels like it’s burning after you shave, you might want to switch to an alcohol-free lubricant. Alcohol-based shaving creams tighten and dry out your skin leaving it prone to cuts.

9. Availability

Before committing to a shaving cream brand, make sure you have easy access to their store whenever you need to stock up on your beard-grooming kit. This applies even more to guys who travel a lot.

For example, you’re driving cross-country when you suddenly see an artisan beard-grooming shop. You go inside and discover the best shaving cream you’ve ever seen. After taking a quick whiff off of it, you swear on your life that nothing else even comes close to it. You buy a can and carry on with your trip.

After a few weeks, you run out of shaving cream and try to find out how to purchase the brand you bought during your trip. After a few hours of useless searching on Google, you give up and eventually go to your department store for another brand.

The moral of the story here is that you should know how and where you can get your hands on your preferred shaving cream. A lot of topnotch brands produce their beard-grooming products in small quantities. If you find one you like, make sure you know how to restock once you run out of it.


This video by Howcast shows the step-by-step procedure on how to shave your face:

It might take up some time and money to find the best shaving cream for your skin, but it’s definitely worth it if you want to get a sharp, clean shave. Try to ask your friends about what products they use to get a better idea. Also, make sure to stock up on your entire beard-grooming kit. Remember: shaving creams and razors aren’t the only things you need to get a good shave.

What shaving cream do you use? Share your favorite brands with us in the comments section down below!

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