How To Stimulate Beard Growth Naturally

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Many men envy those who can grow beards with little effort. Thankfully, every man can learn how to stimulate beard growth, but you need to understand that genetics and other factors play a role.

How To Stimulate Beard Growth: Understanding the Underlying Contributors to Beard Health and Fullness

Growing a thick, full beard is not as simple as waking up one morning and putting down the razor. Many factors contribute to the characteristics of your beard, including genetics, skincare, stress, and genetic conditions.

If your father and grandfather had healthy beards, it is likely that you, too, can experience a full beard. Unfortunately, the genetic link also plays into whether you will have difficulty growing a beard.

Aside from genetics, the health of your skin plays a significant role in the ability to grow facial hair. If your skin is dry and cracked or untreated for certain conditions, it will not be conducive to facial hair growth.

Additionally, if you live a stressful existence, you might find it challenging to grow or maintain a healthy beard. Stress causes cortisol levels to increase, resulting in hair falling out or follicle restriction.

Finally, some genetic conditions can hinder beard growth. For example, low levels of testosterone can inhibit growth, often caused by the condition of hypogonadism.

While all these factors play a role in beard growth, they do not negate the possibility of growth. An individual only needs to take appropriate action to improve his odds of success.

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4 Ways To Naturally Stimulate Beard Growth

Growing a beard is a practice in patience and time. However, there are at least five things you can do to encourage natural hair growth.

1. Diet

Most biological functions, including hair growth, revolve around the consumption of a healthy and nutritious diet. B vitamins and vitamin D have been linked to hair growth. To receive these vitamins naturally, your diet should consist of whole grains, nuts, dairy, fish, and other healthy proteins.

2. Exercise

While exercise has no direct link to hair growth, it does have a link to testosterone production. Including cardio or other high-intensity exercise routines can improve testosterone production, ultimately aiding in follicle growth.

3. Sleep

DHT is the primary component in beard growth speed, and testosterone is directly linked to DHT production. Adequate sleep means the body maintains healthy testosterone levels; a lack of sleep compromises those levels, affecting DHT production.

4. Skin and Hair Care

Clean and hydrated skin promotes healthy follicle development. When trying to grow a beard, you should take steps to moisturize and clean your face regularly, using gentle soaps, lotions, or oils.

How To Stimulate Beard Growth: Alternative Options

If natural remedies, treatments, or techniques are not working, you can try other options. However, you will need the help of a medical professional. For example, you can use hormone therapies or hair transplants; each option comes with risks, which not everyone is content with.

Learning how to stimulate beard growth is about acknowledging the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and coming to terms with potential struggles. Not everyone can have the full beards of stereotypical mountain men, but nearly everyone can have a beard that is uniquely them. If you want help discovering your beard, look no further than Wild Willies.

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