New Year's Resolutions To Make For You And Your Beard

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Feature | New Year's Resolutions To Make For You And Your Beard

If you want this year to finally be the year you reach your beard goals, then do your best to follow each and every New Year’s resolution on the list below.

In this article:

  1. Grow Your First Beard
  2. Grow Your Patience and Commitment
  3. Go to a Professional Barber Every Now and Then
  4. Learn to Style Your Beard
  5. Keep in Mind the Value of Grooming Your Beard
  6. Invest in a Beard Growth Supplement
  7. Eat a Beard-Friendly Diet
  8. Convince a Friend to Grow a Beard
  9. Get Yourself a Proper Beard Grooming Kit

Every New Year’s Resolution Your Beard Will Thank You For


1. Grow Your First Beard

Growing a beard just might be the best New Year’s resolution you make for yourself this coming year.

Different people have different reasons for why they grow a beard. For some, it is their own powerful means of expressing themselves. For others, it helps protect them from the cold. Some even like to grow a beard simply because it looks attractive and is fun to play with.

Regardless of the reason, if the beard gods have blessed you with the capability to grow a beard, then grow one. Have the confidence to try growing a mane — there is a facial hair style for every face shape that will surely make you look and feel great.

2. Grow Your Patience and Commitment

Always remember that Rome was not built in a day. Luckily, while growing your beard does require a lot of patience, it does not take as long as building an empire.

Committing to long-term beard growth is an exceptional test of patience, so try growing out that beard. Of course, always remember the value of styling and grooming. While it may be itchy and tempting to trim at first, hold on to that commitment and see it through.

3. Go to a Professional Barber Every Now and Then

Go to a Professional Barber Every Now and Then | New Year's Resolutions To Make For You And Your Beard

Whether you have just started growing a beard or you have had one for as long as you can remember, treat yourself to a professional barber experience.

For the bearded man, growing a beard the right way is of great importance. A great New Year’s resolution to make is to have a professional barber trim your beard every now and then. This helps you in your journey towards the bearded lifestyle as you allow your barber to create a template for you to follow.

Plus, it is a great way of relaxing and pampering yourself. There really is no losing here, right?

4. Learn to Style Your Beard

Learn to Style Your Beard | New Year's Resolutions To Make For You And Your Beard

A lot of our bearded brethren make the mistake of simply letting their beards grow as long as possible. They no longer try to style it or trim it, making it look like nothing more than a mess. However, the true modern gentleman knows how to style his beard and make it look fresh and neat.

Knowing how to shape and style your beard changes how people see you entirely. An unkempt beard makes you look like a homeless man. One that is styled properly gives you an aura of power and confidence from the moment you enter a room.

Make it your New Year’s resolution to learn how to style your beard for any occasion. Using either a beard oil or a beard balm should help. While beard balms and beard oils have their own advantages, they both help keep your beard soft and moisturized. The best ones contain only all-natural ingredients that prevent your beard and the skin underneath from damage.

For your stache, you can also keep it soft, healthy, and styled with the help of mustache wax. Again, choose a wax that does not contain chemicals, colorants, fragrances, and other artificial ingredients that may harm your beard, stache, and the skin underneath.

5. Keep in Mind the Value of Grooming Your Beard

Styling your beard is only the first step in any good beard care routine. Knowing how to keep it well-maintained or groomed is, perhaps, the most important aspect. A good beard should not just look great, it has to feel great and even smell great! Take the time to know the different tools that help you trim, shape, and keep your beard in great condition.

Start by investing in a beard shampoo and a beard conditioner. These products help wash off other beard and mustache products that you use on your beard. They also remove the buildup of dirt, bacteria, and oil that can cause numerous beard problems such as beard dandruff and itchiness.

A beard brush and a beard comb are also essential parts of beard grooming. Beard combs and beard brushes can work wonders on your mane. They are mainly used to help evenly spread beard oil or beard balm whenever you apply them. They also help train your beard to grow in a certain direction. Plus, these products remove trapped dirt and dead skin cells from the skin underneath your beard, preventing problems caused by clogged pores.

Finally, trimming your mustache and your beard is another must-learn skill. A mane that is kept within the borders of where it was meant to be is the best way to ensure that you look as suave as can be. Prevent your beard from growing all over the place with the help of a beard shaping tool. These things can help you trim your beard and match it with the contours of your face, giving you the perfect curves and lines for your beard and your mustache.

6. Invest in a Beard Growth Supplement

Invest in a Beard Growth Supplement | New Year's Resolutions To Make For You And Your Beard

A beard growth supplement works like calcium to your bones and Vitamin C to your immune system. It is meant to boost beard growth and to keep your mane in great condition.

If you have been cursed with a perpetual baby face, unfortunately, this cannot do anything to help. However, for the bearded man, it can help him grow a beard that is long, strong, luscious, and healthy. Make investing in a beard growth supplement part of your New Year beard resolutions and soon enough, you will have a beard that even James Harden will envy.

7. Eat a Beard-Friendly Diet

Eat a Beard-Friendly Diet | New Year's Resolutions To Make For You And Your Beard

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Because we all should know what it takes to be the best-groomed man.

As the famous saying goes, “You are what you eat.” Starting this New Year, make it a practice to maintain an overall healthier diet.

Keeping a balanced and complete diet not only keeps you looking lean and feeling great, it can actually help promote strong and healthy beard growth as well. A diet rich in proteins, vegetables, and fats promotes beard growth and keeps it from becoming dull and fragile. Essential omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B12, and iron not only prevent you from having a dry scalp but also boost hair color. Vegetables rich in Vitamins A and C also help the follicles produce sebum, keeping your hair moisturized and strong.

8. Convince a Friend to Grow a Beard

There is nothing like walking into a room and seeing another man with a beard equally as awesome as yours. The moment you lock eyes, you understand that there is a certain sense of camaraderie that only bearded brothers can understand. As we mentioned, when well-maintained, beards can be very powerful tools. Encourage a friend to join you in your bearded journey and feel that sense of fulfillment in knowing that you have changed someone’s life for the better.

9. Get Yourself a Proper Beard Grooming Kit

Get Yourself a Proper Beard Grooming Kit | New Year's Resolutions To Make For You And Your Beard

The most important weapon in any bearded man’s arsenal is a complete beard grooming kit. A proper beard grooming kit should have everything essential to helping you grow, keep, and maintain your beard.

At the very least, it should have a beard balm or a beard oil that will help you style your beard and keep it moisturized. The kit should also contain a beard shaping tool and a beard comb that can help trim and shape your beard. It should include a beard shampoo for washing any dirt, oil, dead skin cells and other products you may have put on your beard.

The final New Year’s resolution on our list is simply to not waste your time and effort growing a beard by not taking care of it. Invest in a beard grooming kit that will have everything you need to make sure that your beard grows strong, long, and healthy.


Here’s an idea from Rumble Viral of what you should do this coming year: 

New Year’s resolutions have always been all about fresh starts. Make this year the year that you reach your full potential as a bearded man. Keep the 9 bearded resolutions we have listed above and watch yourself grow from a simple man to a glorious lion.

Do you have another New Year’s resolution that you would like to add on our bearded resolutions list? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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