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Learn how to achieve the scruffy beard look with proper trimming and the right attitude.

In this article:

  1. Tribute to the Past
  2. What Does It Mean to Have a Rugged Beard?
  3. How Do You Grow a Rough-Looking Beard?
  4. Having the Right Tools on Hand
  5. Trimming Like a Pro
  6. How to Wash and Dry Like a Pro

Achieve a Scruffy Beard with These Styling Tips


Tribute to the Past

Scruffy Definition: The short, bristly hair men get out of not shaving for a while

The scruffy beard takes that bold look to the next level.

At one time, it was the clean cut look that made men stand out. Today, a more rugged look is in – or back in may be more accurate.

The scruffy man style is a blast from the past. It reminds you of the time when cowboys went to saloons to get their whiskey, guns swinging on their hips.

For modern men, the type of beard they choose is a style statement. Scruffy men are trendsetters with a laid-back attitude.

“Scruffy looking” may sound anything but neat. The truth is the scruffy beard style only works if you know how to trim it like a pro.

What Does It Mean to Have a Rugged Beard?

Not all beards can be rugged-looking, so an excellent place to start is with understanding the scruffy definition.

The scruffy look consists of facial hair that surrounds the face. It tends to look unkempt yet stylish at the same time.

It often accompanies scruffy hair, giving the man an overall rough look.

It’s that appearance that will define scruffy for you.

How Do You Grow a Rough-Looking Beard?

bearded man looking in the mirror | Scruffy Beard | How To Style It Like A Pro | scruffy meaning

It takes two things: time and patience.

The first step is to let your stubble grow without trimming for two weeks or longer. It depends on how fast your facial hair grows.

The man who has a five o’clock shadow by two in the afternoon will see fast progress.

Those who shave every couple of days can expect the growth to take several weeks. On average, rough-looking facial hair is between one-fourth to one-half inches long.

Once you have this nice look going, it’s time to trim the beard.

Having the Right Tools on Hand

Good beard care takes the right products. You need:

  • Clippers or trimmers for easy trimming
  • Beard Comb to remove tangles and shape the beard
  • Balm to nourish and moisturize the facial hair and keep it healthy
  • Beard oil made with essential oils to promote beard growth
  • Beard shampoo designed to clean coarse beard hair

Trimming Like a Pro

Reach for the trimmer and set it to the highest setting. Something around 5 to 12mm typically works well.

Start at your neck and move upward as you trim. The goal is to follow the natural shape of the beard, not to trim off a lot of hair.

Overlap the last area you trim to ensure the length is consistent. You may trim closer the farther up your face you get, so you want everything even.

Go back over your neck and remove the hair there.

For proper, well-groomed scruffy guys, the beard starts at the area where the chin meets the neck. It’s not all the way down to the front of it.

You also need to be careful when trimming the hairs right over your lips. You don’t want the mustache area to hang down too far.

The neck and cheek lines don’t have to be perfect. Just follow the shape of the beard.

If you prefer a scruffy goat beard, then go ahead and shave any areas you want to be free from hair to create the right shape.

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How to Wash and Dry Like a Pro

Once you have a neatly trimmed beard, it’s time to shampoo it. A good beard shampoo will not strip it of its natural oils or dry the skin underneath.

Work a small amount of the beard shampoo into the hair and then rinse.

Shampooing your beard is not something you should do every day, but washing after a trim helps remove any loose hair trapped in the scruff.

On average, consider shampooing your beard twice a week to keep it from drying out.

Dry your beard with a clean towel and run the comb through it. Apply the beard oil or beard balm, working it through with the comb.

Beard oil is the best choice for daily maintenance. Balm, on the other hand, provides the beard with a more matte appearance when you want to tone that scruffy face down.


Wanna know more scruffy beard style? Watch this video from Cool Beards VLog:

The scruffy guy look is in this year. There’s a good chance it will remain popular in the future, too.

Whether you want to be in or love the look, give your beard scruffy meaning with a proper trim.

What do you think is the appeal of a rugged-looking beard? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section below.

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