Should I Grow A Beard? (Pros And Cons)

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Feature | Should I Grow A Beard? (Pros And Cons)

There’s a good reason why the question “Should I grow a beard?” is becoming more common. Having a rugged, groomed beard has long been a mark of manliness. Is the facial hair growth worth it, though? Before you decide to grow your beard, read on to learn about the pros and cons.

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  1. Why Grow a Beard
  2. Cons of Growing Beards

Should I Grow a Beard? | Weighing the Pros and Cons


Why Grow a Beard

“Should I grow a beard?” may be a tough question for you. To help you answer it, know the advantages of sporting one:

1. Protection from UVA Radiation

Protection from UVA Radiation | Should I Grow A Beard? (Pros And Cons)

Men who spend a lot of time under the sun are prone to leathery facial skin, wrinkles, and accelerated skin aging. This chronic sun damage can increase your risk of developing melanoma and/or spotty, saggy skin.

One of the health benefits of having a beard is skin protection. A study conducted by the researchers at the University of Southern Queensland revealed a well-grown beard can block up to 95% of UVA rays, the type that causes aging and skin damage.

2. Warmth in the Winter

When temperatures drop and winds pick up, a beard can provide an extra layer of protection. A thick one can help you brave even the chilliest weather. It gives you the protection you need to comfortably work outside any time of the year.

3. Protection from Bacteria

“Should I grow a beard?” You may have to consider it if you don’t want bad bacteria thriving on your person. A thick beard can block harmful microorganisms and particles from entering your mouth. In the process, it can help protect against throat disease, too.

If you have asthma or another respiratory condition, a beard can improve airflow by keeping dust and allergens out. In the same way, beards also reduce the risk of gum disease. Besides that, shaving can also create small cuts in the skin that invite bacteria in.

4. Reduction in Acne

Shaving can irritate the skin which may lead to infections, ingrown hairs, and acne. It can also exacerbate existing acne, increasing the risk of additional skin infections.

5. Time Savings

Not having to shave your beard frees up your morning routine and can save months of time throughout your life.

6. Greater Self-Confidence

Surveys have revealed why beards are essential for many men. They help guys feel more confident, attractive, and masculine. Many reported receiving compliments about their beard. Others shared how even having a mustache leaves them feeling more confident. The skin-protecting benefits of a beard also make men feel younger while giving off the impression of experience.

7. Pleasure

Few simple pleasures are as soothing as stroking your beard. The act of stroking facial hair may even improve concentration and problem-solving skills. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!

8. Improved Sex Life

Beards are a signal of masculinity and sexual maturity. Numerous studies found women rate bearded men as dominant, assertive, and mature. They are also more likely to be the best sexual partners for both flings and long-term relationships. Research also shows when the chance of intercourse increases, so does testosterone production which may stimulate beard growth. It, therefore, seems only natural beards and sex go hand-in-hand.

9. Versatility

Versatility | Should I Grow A Beard? (Pros And Cons)

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Beard styles are versatile. Like works of art, it’s up to the artist to take the beard in the direction they want. Cut, trim, shave, comb, and shape it to fit your preference. Mix and match with different hairstyles and wardrobe, and you’ll find the look that best brings out your personality.


Cons of Growing Beards

“Should I grow a beard?” There’s only one reason why you shouldn’t. Like all things worth doing, growing a beard and maintaining beard health takes time and dedication. You need to wash, groom, and comb it daily. You have to do spot trims from time-to-time to keep your man mane in top shape. It’s a small price to pay, though, for the boost in your confidence, attractiveness, and facial fortitude.


What should you expect when growing a beard? Check out this video by Wild Willies:

The definitive response to “Should I grow a beard?” It’s safe to say the answer is obvious. For most people, the pros of growing a beard far outweigh the cons. In the end, though, it all depends on your individual goals and style. Facial hair or not, find what works for you and rock it.

What do you think are the other benefits of growing a beard? Share your answers in the comments section below.

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