Simple Beard Care Tips For Dudes

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Beard care isn’t just about knowing where to buy beard products or reading up on the latest beard balm recipe. It’s about mingling your passion for your beard with the right set of techniques. If you want your hirsute glory to aid you in making the ladies purr and scaring the opposition sh!tless, you need to treat it right. Here are some tips to follow for the best beard care.

11 Awesome and Easy Beard Care Tips for Busy Men


1. Grow That Baby Out First

Grow That Baby Out First | Simple Beard Care Tips For Dudes | beard balm recipe

Your beard will never achieve beasthood if you compulsively hack away at it while it’s still growing out. Relax and let it grow out wild for 4-6 weeks before you start thinking of snipping away at it. You can’t make art if the canvas isn’t there. Once the beard achieves significant volume, it yields itself for better styling.

2. Focus on Your Desired Beard Styles

Like most things in life, you have to begin with the end in mind and this goes for beards as well. You need to sculpt the shape of your beard to match your face shape. If you have an oval face, you can pretty much run with anything you want. Beard shapes with short sides and fuller chin hairs give guys with square faces a stronger look. Guys with round faces will do well to grow beards with a longer bottom and then make sure to trim the sides. Men with longer faces should shorten the bottom of their beards and grow the sides fully.

3. Savvy Men Don’t Do It Wet

Savvy Men Don’t Do It Wet | Simple Beard Care Tips For Dudes | how to use beard oil | beard trimmer

Although it’s tempting to cut away at your beard when it’s wet, don’t. The hairs are always longer when they’re limp, so you’ll regret it if you pick up the scissors before drying your facial hairs. When you avoid cutting at it wet, you ensure you’re not taking away more of your beard than you should.

4. Master Wielding the Beard Trimmer and the Scissors

Because a barber can cost you a lot of cash over time, the consummate brandisher of beards needs to be skilled AF in using the tools of the trade. Get yourself a cordless beard trimmer with several guard settings if you sport a short beard and don’t have time to be pruning away. Men with long beards, on the other hand, will do well to put more devotion into their beard care and use combs and scissors for precise cuts.

5. Understand and Respect the Beard Line

Understand and Respect the Beard Line | Simple Beard Care Tips For Dudes | where to buy beard products,

Your beard can look scruffy and undignified if you don’t trim or shave the areas below your jawline. The challenge is, if you just shave away everything, it’ll look like your beard suddenly shrunk. You’ll need to work around what seasoned men call the beard line.

You can find your beard line by putting your two fingers together and resting them horizontally above your Adam’s Apple. Use the line at the bottom of your middle finger as a reference and trim away everything under it. Next, you need to fix the sides. Just find the parallel points of the beard line on either side and kink your neck towards the side you want to trim. You’ll see a perfect line which aligns with your beard line -- sculpt the hairs according to that line for a clean look.

6. Commit to a Regimen

A gardener who fails to build a routine is sure to have a garden growing wild with weeds. You need to create a habit out of grooming and trimming to maintain a bold yet genteel look for your beard.

7. Brush Your Furry Mug Often

Brush Your Furry Mug Often | Simple Beard Care Tips For Dudes | beard balm recipe

Get yourself a good beard brush and stroke those tangles away. By turning this into a habit, you are actually training the hairs to grow downwards instead of poking up in another direction. You’re also brushing away any lingering dust and dirt which can irritate the skin under your beard.

8. Beard Care Means Trimming Your Beard

Even when you’re growing your beard long, you should always find the time to trim it. This allows you to manage those awkward growths and renegade hairs better. Pruning away at your beard also helps keep the hair tips healthy and encourages more growth.

9. Skin Care Equals Beard Care

Skin Care Equals Beard Care | Simple Beard Care Tips For Dudes | how to use beard oil | beard trimmer

When you keep your skin clean, moisturized, and nourished, all that care finds its way into your beard. Also, only shave when your pores are open and make sure they’re closed after. To do this, start the shave with hot water and then splash on cold water after the shave.

10. Learn How to Use Beard Oil and Beard Balm

Aside from the right tools, you also need the right supplies, namely beard oil and beard balm. A beard oil, like Wild Willies own beard oil, softens your beard and moisturizes the skin underneath. A beard balm aids you in styling your beard by volumizing it and then protecting its hairs from the elements.

11. Healthy Body, Healthy Beard

Healthy Body, Healthy Beard | Simple Beard Care Tips For Dudes | where to buy beard products,

Finally, you need to keep yourself healthy and hydrated. Your beard will betray the state of your health, especially if you’re not eating right. Eat a diet rich in vitamins and Omega-3 to keep that mane strong and good-looking. Always remember to drink water to avoid dehydrating yourself and drying out your beard.


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Remember these beard care tips and use them because they’ll help you look absolutely savage with a beard. An unkempt and untrimmed beard does you a disservice by making you look lazy. Don’t let the hairs on your face take control and run wild -- groom yourself and let them know you’re a man with both self-control and an unbridled spirit.

What do you think about these tips on beard care? Do you have your own stash of tips that have worked out well for you? Please share them in the comments section below.

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