Stop Letting Split Ends In Your Beard Ruin Your Look

Bubba Stacy
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It was impossible for her to ignore your beard.

But one kiss was all she needed to turn the other way…

Well, it’s true: split ends in beard hairs have a funny way of ruining even the most majestic beard…

Few men expect to come across split ends when they grow out their beards, but it happens to the best of us.

And it might happen even to you.

The best approach to facial hair split ends is to take proactive steps to prevent them from happening in the first place.

But if your mustache and beard split ends sneak up on you out of the blue, there are plenty of things you can do to resolve the problem. The first step is just knowing why you need to.

Why Split Ends Are Bad

If your barber or romantic partner was the one to point out your split ends, you might not feel particularly motivated to resolve the issue. After all, you didn’t notice, so how bad could it be?

But beard hair split ends often start off relatively benign before spiraling into bigger problems.

Here are a few ways they can begin to quickly get on your nerves.

1. Look Unkempt

Some men relish in the unkempt look and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

But Monday to Friday, your boss might have a few words to say about that mess of a beard.

Split ends can make it more difficult for you to ensure you don’t get in trouble for dress and grooming policies at work.

And in our experience, people tend to be a bit more attracted to those who put in the effort to look a little more groomed.

2. Feel More Prickly

When your beard hairs each have two or more ends, the hair becomes pricklier.

If your beard is long, you may have begun to feel this prickling already. If you have a curly or kinky beard, you might already feel it poking at your chin.

Your romantic partner may also begin to complain about the way it feels against their skin, which is probably the last thing you want to hear.

3. Cause Breakage

Split ends also weaken the affected strands of hair.

Consider the strength of a rope when it’s intact versus what happens when it begins to unravel…

Each individual string possesses only a fraction of the strength of the whole.

Beard hairs work the same way. This can lead to uneven growth, or even stunt your beard growth.

Beard hairs may also start to get everywhere, from your food to your clothes, and that’s never a good look.

What You Can Do About Them

Thankfully, you have a wealth of solutions to choose from. Some are proactive and some only work after the fact.

Either way, you’ll have all the tools you need to get rid of those pesky split ends that are cramping your style — and causing the boss or your significant other to give you a few warning glances.

1. Reconsider Heat

Some men choose to speed up the drying process by blow drying their beards after a good wash. The longer the beard, the more common this is.

Men with curlier and kinkier beards also often use heat to straighten the beard. As your lady friends can attest, heat can cause split ends, so be careful with this practice.

We recommend using our Wild Willies Premium 2-in-1 Beard Straightener. Safe heating combined with conditioned combing makes for precision straightening of curly hairs and one awesome looking beard.

2. Use the Right Products

Using your head hair shampoo on your beard just makes good sense, right?


Unfortunately, head hair shampoo contains a lot of chemicals that strip the beard of the natural moisture.

If you don’t replenish that moisture, then your beard hair soon responds by splitting.

Using a shampoo specifically made for your beard and face, like Wild Willies Beard Wash, is always the better move.

3. Comb the Beard

Do you have a beard comb? If not, it’s time to change that.

Note that not all beard combs and brushes are suited for all hair types.

If you have curlier or kinky hair in your beard, use combs with wider teeth to reduce pulling. Brushes made with natural boar bristles are also key.

Some men comb their beards up to four times per day, which is ideal, but even once per day can yield results.

4. Provide Internal Nourishment

Sometimes beard hairs split for internal reasons.

When your body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs, it can start to show on the outside.

Are you eating enough protein, drinking enough water and getting enough sleep?

It’s important to nourish your body so that you can improve the chances of growing healthier looking hair from the start.

5. Trim the Beard

If length is important to you, the thought of trimming anything off your beard may immediately rub you the wrong way.

The truth is that an occasional beard trim can keep your beard healthy.

If you get split ends, this is even more true. Splits travel up the beard hair, so the sooner you clip them off, the greater protection you provide for the rest of the length.

6. Add Natural Moisture

One of the most important things you can do for your beard is to add natural oils to improve sheen and health.

A good option to keep in mind is using a natural beard that includes essential oils like jojoba oil and argan oil.

Want to add some fragrance? Try Wild Willies Hemp Beard Elixir with Fresh Squeeze scent.

If you’ve been wondering, “What can I do when my beard has split ends?” you now know where to start. Check out our online collection to start building your healthy beard today.

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