The 9 Best Beard Styles To Rock And Keep You Warm This Winter

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Winter beard styles should serve two-fold during the chilliest times of the year: By keeping you warm and making you look cool. These types of beards are up for the job.

Beard Styles That'll Make You Look Killer in Winter


1. The Lumberjack

The first among the go-to beard styles for the coming cold months is, of course, the Lumberjack. To achieve this combo of gruff meets sexy, you need to trim your sideburns in order to make your beard pop. You will have to allow the beard to grow in all of its glory before trimming the bottom, so it all looks even. Meanwhile, you want to make sure you carefully trim the sides for that nice fade. If you achieve this, you’ll have a cultivated yet savage look that’ll warm up the ladies.

2. The Viking



No one looks quite as kickass in the wintry wastelands as a Viking, which is why you’ll want to copy these Norse warriors’ signature looks when the snow starts falling. The Viking will take a lot of prep time as it requires you to max out the length of your beard. Once you’ve reached maximum length, just braid two parts of your beard in the front. Now that’s a look that’ll send chills down the spines of lesser men.

3. The Boss



You’ll want to pay the cost to grow a boss beard since the payback is a man mane that commands respect. Like all the other beards in this list, you’ll have to grow your beard longer than usual. The Boss is similar to the Lumberjack because it also requires you to fade the sideburns so they flow into the rest of your beard. The big difference is the Boss has a wider base compared to the Lumberjack as the latter features some sharp angles as the beard rises to the sides.

4. The Mountain Man



You’ll surely give off a strong presence when you style your beard ala the Mountain Man for the winter. First, grow your beard long, down to your chest, while also maximizing the length of your mustache. Remember to take care of and groom your beard as the bad boy is growing so it doesn’t look frizzy. A nice application of beard balm helps keep it looking fine. Finish the look by shaving your head to accentuate your raging face fur. This is a look you can pretty much only pull off in the colder months, so go for it.

5. The Villain



The cold, unforgiving weather is the perfect backdrop for dastardly deeds, and the Villain is one of the beard styles that lends you that aura of mystique damsels gossip about. For this beard, you need to grow yourself a nice handlebar mustache and combo it with a long beard. This will give you the menacing look of the antagonists of old.

6. The Hipster



Ah, hipsters —walking contradictions straddling the old school with the more brazen appeal of today’s age. The Hipster beard carries the same spirit of its namesake by achieving both a polished and classic look with something totally carefree. Just grow your beard long as you can while trimming to make sure the ends are of equal length. Finally, maintain a slick coif-style haircut.

7. The Wild Man


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There is a point in the life of a beardsman that he goes full beard and never goes back. He reaches peak beard when he styles it ala the Wild Man. And the Wild Man is hardly a style at all, but more like a philosophy of freedom and brazen abandon as you grow your beard to its fullest. Say goodbye to trimming and give it the finger while it goes. Just care enough to comb your beard hairs to puff them out and show polite society just how little a f*ck you give. Then, when the frost thaws, shave it all off and start over—much like Spring!

8. The Rasputin

The Rasputin is for the man who wants one of the cooler beard styles while striking holy terror at the same time. Again, like the rest, maximize the length of your beard and then trim so the ends are all equal. Make sure you fade the burns so they mesh in seamlessly to the length of your face mane. Lastly, carefully groom your mustache and curl the tips with Beard Butter for a civilized yet devilish look.

9. The Freedom Fighter

bearded officer | The Best Beard Styles To Rock and Keep You Warm This Winter

When you want to look stylish while brandishing a rebellious, devil-may-care attitude, cultivate the Freedom Fighter. Grow your beard as long as you can while carefully grooming it so the different parts of the beard look carefully layered. This will result in a beard with a long end and shorter sides that seem to slope gently into the center. Make sure the sculpt of the beard matches your face shape. Who says looking like you don’t give a f*k is going to be easy?


To know more about beards and its popularity, watch this video from Vox:

Hopefully, we’ve given you several inspirations on how to style your beard this coming winter. Just go browse some beard pictures online and you’ll confirm the beard styles on this list are among the best full beard styles to keep you warm and stylish until spring comes back around again.

What do you think about our list of beard styles for the winter months? Do you have some beard styles in mind that we didn’t mention here? Let us know in the comments section below.

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