The Best Beard Shapes for Weak Jawline or Double Chin

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Some men are blessed with the perfect jawline. Strong, square, naturally defined, these jaws are made for admiring. For these men, a short beard or even just a permanent 5 o’clock shadow can be the perfect look, showcasing their natural good looks.

If you are reading this post, the odds are you are not exactly one of those men. You might be worried about having a weak jawline, a thin face, a double chin, or any combination of these features. 

Let’s be clear—there is nothing wrong with body positivity. For some men, a narrow jawline is not the worst thing in the world. However, for those of us who might struggle with our confidence because of the shape of our face, the solution to our problems is simpler than it might seem. 

Yeah, you can try to give your chin greater definition by doing chin exercises or going on a special diet. However, the easiest and simplest way for many men to combat a weak chin is to simply grow a beard. 

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Is a beard a good way to hide a weak chin?

Any man who has grown a full beard can tell you that a beard fully transforms your face. For many men, it is a welcome way to mix up their style, even if they don’t keep the beard year round. 

For men with narrow chins, this kind of a transformation can totally change your look. Unlike your chin itself, which (barring some kind of painful and inconvenient surgery) will never dramatically change shape, your beard can be trimmed to whatever kind of length, squareness or roundness you prefer. Once it is long and thick enough, your chin itself will no longer be apparent under the cover of long, luxurious whiskers. 

In short, for most men who can grow a full beard, this is the easiest and least expensive way to improve your face shape. All that is required is letting nature do its thing (with a little help from high-quality, natural beard care products). 

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Tips for growing a weak jawline beard

It is always wise to take heed of those who came before you. In this case, that would be the many men who have discovered how to grow a great weak chin beard by trial and error. Here are a few tips that any experienced beard grower would give you.

Careful with the neckline

Regardless of the shape of your face, the neckline tends to be one of the hardest parts of the beard to perfect. Shave it too low, and you still look like an untrimmed wild man. Shave it too high and you look—well, just downright goofy. 

One useful trick is to shave up to the top of your Adam's apple, then make a 45 degree angle from there to your sideburns. Make sure not to leave any part of the bottom of your chin bald, as this undermines your attempt to cover up your chin. 

Be patient before trimming

For a lot of men, their beards never get past the stubble phase because they are too impatient. They assume too quickly that they already know the shape of their beard and that it is just too patchy, thin, scraggly, or wild to look good. 

However, beard hair tends to grow at a rate of ½ an inch per month. This means that your beard’s true shape can only be determined after months of patient growth. Many men with thin or patchy beards realize that minor defects in their beards tend to become less noticeable as it gets longer and more mature. 

Our suggestion is to give your beard anywhere between 3 and 6 months before you do any major trimming or cutting, at least the first time around. This will help you understand what you are really working with. 

Don’t be afraid to trim boldly

That being said, once you decide to start trimming, don’t be afraid to make major changes depending on what your beard seems to need. For men with thin chins, a great place to start is by trimming your sideburns, which will help give your face a more square shape. Leaving the hair on your chin longest can help give the impression of a strong, protruding chin even where it is absent. 

Here too there is a need for some level of trial, error, and practice, but the learning curve is steep, and once you have gotten the hang of it, trimming your own beard can be rather simple. However, if you are too nervous about messing it up, you might try going to a barber. 

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Best beards for a weak chin

Now that we have gone over general tips for growing your beard, it’s time to get into specifics. What styles of beard work best for covering up a weak chin? Here are our top picks:

The “yeard”

The word “yeard” is a portmanteau combining the words “year” and “beard.” That being said, it means exactly what you think it does. The yeard is a beard that has been left to grow out for an entire year with minimal trimming or cutting. 

If you are looking for a beard style that will 100% definitely cover up your whole chin, well, there you go. Nothing better than 365 days of beard growth to totally redefine your face. 

Faded beard

A fade is really just a tapering off of your hair or beard from long to short or shaved. Fading your beard and hair around the sideburns/ears can be a useful strategy because it narrows the sides of your face, giving your chin comparatively more width. Not to mention that it just looks super cool. 

Long goatee

A goatee? Does that cover enough of my face to help redefine its shape? 

The answer is, maybe. This depends on two things: the narrowness of your face, and the width of the goatee. The wider and longer your goatee, the more it changes your face. So while a short goatee that barely extends past the sides of your mouth might not do much, a wider goatee that is several inches long just might do the trick.


For men who already have a mustache or who tend to grow a thicker mustache than their beard, there is good news. Growing a long mustache in combination with a shorter beard is another great way to reshape your face. As with the goatee, this is partially determined by your unique look, so don’t hesitate to play around until you get exactly the right combination of beard and ‘stache. 

Can I grow a fuller beard?

Worried that your beard is just too thin to ever cover up your chin? There are a lot of options out there for growing a thicker beard. Try Wild Willies beard growth serum and see the difference. For all of your other beard care needs, check out our online store today!

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