The Best Essential Beard Care Kit For Beard Noobs

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Feature | The Best Essential Beard Care Kit For Beard Noobs

Planning to grow yourself a nice, full beard? Read on and find out which essential beard products should be packed in your beard care kit.

Everything You Need In A Beard Care Kit


1. Beard Growth Supplement

Beard Growth Supplement | The Best Essential Beard Care Kit For Beard Noobs
What is a beard care kit for if you don’t have a long and luscious beard to use it on? The best beard growth supplements do exactly that. A beard growth supplement is like the calcium to your bones and the vitamin C to your immune system. For our bearded brethren, it helps promote healthy, strong, full, and soft beard growth. Do note, however, that if you are cursed with a perpetual baby face, this does not work like a magic pill that will force your chin to grow a mane out of nowhere.

2. Beard Shaping Tool

Beard Shaping Tool | The Best Essential Beard Care Kit For Beard Noobs
If you are growing a beard, then chances are you have had at least one bad beard day. You trimmed your beard and left the house. You get to the office and look in the mirror and there it is—a lopsided beard. This is why a reliable beard shaping tool is an essential part of any beard care kit.

Any bearded gentleman knows that even the smallest trim can make or break your beard. While it is not impossible to be an expert freehanded beard groomer, some help never hurts. A beard shaping tool can help you maintain the perfect, glorious manliness of your beard. With this tool, you can easily shape your beard to achieve those perfect cheek lines. It helps you maintain symmetry on both sides of your face, as it gives you a neat and sleek trim.

3. Beard Shampoo

Beards trap dirt and grease. That is a simple fact. All that dirt, oil, and bacteria can cause numerous nasty beard problems such as dry and itchy skin and tangled hair.

Beard shampoo is specifically designed for the bearded gentleman. It is specially formulated to help keep your beard replenished, moisturized, and hydrated. It also helps restore, fortify, and stimulate beard growth while keeping it clean. The best beard shampoos contain only all-natural ingredients. They have organic essential oils that help keep the beard neat, no matter the beard type.

4. Beard Moisturizer / Beard Conditioner

Beard Moisturizer / Beard Conditioner | The Best Essential Beard Care Kit For Beard Noobs
Beard shampoo is best paired with beard conditioner. It is an essential part of any beard care routine. It supplements the benefits provided by beard wash shampoo as it further provides the right nourishment essential for your beard.

While beard shampoo works to clean and keep your beard growing strong, the best beard conditioners keep it soft and luscious. Trust me, gents, the ladies are going to love you for this.

5. Beard Balm

Beard balm functions for your beard in the same way that pomade does to your hair.

It tames wild hair, gets rid of coarse texture and improves overall appearance to keep your beard looking sleek and suave. It also fights split ends that could ruin your look. A good beard balm promotes healthy growth as it gives your awesome beard styles a matte finish.

The best beard balms contain only natural ingredients. They have no chemicals, preservatives, colorants, and fragrances that could ruin your beard’s health. Those chemicals can cause numerous beard and skin problems in the long run.

6. Beard Oil

For those who prefer a shinier, somewhat more classic look to their beards, beard oil is the right product to use.

Similar to beard balm, the best beard oils also help you grow a healthy and strong beard. They keep every hair fiber hydrated, helping you style your beard and turn it into a well-oiled masterpiece. Again, the best beard oils have zero chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, and colorants that could harm your beard. Look for products that give your beard the love it needs.

7. Mustache Wax

Mustache Wax | The Best Essential Beard Care Kit For Beard Noobs
While the spotlight often falls on a man’s beard, trimming and grooming the ‘stache is just as important. That is exactly the role played by mustache wax.

It has a strong hold that is perfect for styling that handlebar and keeping your mustache in place. It is a must-have in any beard care kit as it keeps your mustache nourished. The best mustache wax not only styles your ‘stache, but also keeps it healthy. Its all-natural ingredients should help reduce irritation in your facial hair that can cause dandruff, itchiness, and even flaky skin.

8. Beard Comb

If you want to grow a healthy beard, pack your beard care kit with a beard comb.

Beard combs help give your beards a fuller look as it gives it direction, untangles your beard, and coaxes it to grow a certain way. It is also an essential tool to use after applying beard balm or beard oil to your beard as it helps spread the product evenly.

In the same way that you use a comb to style your hair, a beard comb does that too. It helps you get the look you desire so your beard never gets in the way of your mouth. Beard combs are most effective for those with longer beards, ones that have been grown out for about 3-5 months.

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9. Beard Brush

 Beard Brush | The Best Essential Beard Care Kit For Beard Noobs
Beard brushes work similar to a beard comb, except they are more effective for those who are just starting to grow out their beards.

A beard brush also helps condition your beard as it helps distribute your beard balm or beard oil evenly. It also helps remove dirt and grime that has been trapped in your beard throughout the day. It trains the hair of your beard to grow in a certain direction, too. The best beard brushes are made with natural boar bristles that are durable. They should not easily fall out and work well with all beard types.


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Every man knows that a beard is a statement. One that should be taken care of if it is to be effective. A beard care kit should contain everything your beard needs to keep it styled, healthy, strong, and well-maintained. The Wild Willies Ultimate Beard Grooming Collection is the best beard care kit for all your beard-related needs.

What are the other tools and things you have in your beard care kit? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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