The Care And Keeping Of A Ginger Beard

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A ginger beard is the unicorn of all beards, and apparently, you don’t need to have red hair on your head to grow a mythical red beard.

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  1. Ginger Genes
  2. Luck o’ the Ginger
  3. Embrace the Ginger: Styling Tips
    1. Shine Bright Like a Di–Your Choice of Fire-Colored Rock, Basically
    2. Pick Your Colors
    3. Get Conditioning
    4. Forget About Lasers

Ginger Beards: A Magical or Medical Mystery?


Ginger Genes

We know that our physical traits are determined by our genes. However, the color of beards takes a little more explaining than that.

The genes responsible for determining hair color is what you call an incomplete dominant hereditary trait. That is basically just a science-y way of saying that it isn’t just one gene’s responsibility to determine hair color, but instead all of them influencing each other.

Those genes may provide certain results for one person, and give completely different results on for someone else. One such result is that your hair color on your head may not always be the same shade as the ones that grow on your face, or that you find that your hair doesn’t have a uniform texture.

Luck o’ the Ginger

Your hair shade is a result of the pigments that end up in your hair. The DNA that you have determines this.

People with darker hair tend to have a lot of the black pigments, while those with fairer hair have less of those darker pigments. Redheads, in the meantime, only have red pigments in their hair.

The development of red hair relies solely on one specific gene: the MC1R. It takes just one of any mutated MC1R gene to get red hair to sprout on various parts of your body.

MC1R Definition: It’s a gene whose main job is to convert pheomelanin (red pigment) to eumelanin (black pigment). Mutated MC1R genes result in red hair, most commonly with androgenic hair (the hair that grows after puberty) which includes facial hair.

It’s not unlikely for someone being born with inky black hair to be able to sprout a naturally red beard. It’s the luck of the draw, and everybody is basically in that raffle.

The MC1R gene carries no life-threatening implications unless you consider being in the spotlight a consequence. A red beard is a unique look, and honestly who doesn’t want to brighten up a room with their fiery red facial hair?

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Embrace the Ginger: Styling Tips

1. Shine Bright Like a Di—Your Choice of Fire-Colored Rock, Basically

man smiling outside wearing a hat | The Care And Keeping of a Ginger Beard | ginger beard styles
A man sports a red beard.

Matte beards are all the rage these days. Part of that may be because a glossy look tends to have the danger of looking too greasy or perpetually soggy.

Those with ginger beards are blessed with versatility. Red hair has the unique quality of being able to pull off that stylish (yet elusive) glossy look.

There’s really no science to it; products that give beards shine just seem to complement ginger beards best. The shine brings out the color nuance in ginger beards better than it does other hair colors.

It could also be that the light that reflects off ginger beard styles make them look more aflame. It might be the closest a man can get to breathing fire—unless you’re a trained fire breather, in which case you maybe shouldn’t have a mane of flammable facial hair so close to your mouth.

2. Pick Your Colors

When it comes to beards and matching outfits, it appears that blonds and brunettes have more fun. They can wear any color and it will look great with their beards.

Just because you have a ginger beard doesn’t mean you have to have a hard time picking out outfits, though. Get smart with shades and your fiery facial hair will burn even brighter.

Some shades of green can work harmoniously with a ginger beard. However, most experts recommend you avoid it lest you want to walk around looking like you came bursting out of a box of Lucky Charms.

Red can also be a tricky color to work with as it has the danger of washing out or outshining your ginger beard. Pick a red that complements or brings out your beard, not one that extinguishes its fire, preferably darker tones like maroon.

Earthy, neutral tones such as brown also bring out the best in a ginger beard man. You have to be prepared to mix and match outfit pieces, too.

Blue has been considered the best match for ginger beards. Being the coppery shade’s complementary match on the color wheel, blue is perfect for bringing out the warm tones in your beard.

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3. Get Conditioning

Red hair may seem like it’s more voluminous, but in truth, it has surprisingly few follicles than you might be led to believe. The volume comes from much thicker follicles, but this leads to a coarser texture.

Coarse facial hair has the unfortunate consequence of dryness, but don’t fret. Just be sure you condition your beard to push away dirt and oils that get trapped in there.

It is also recommended to use a beard brush or comb to really carry away debris and gunk. It also exfoliates your skin and reduces breakouts, irritation, and ingrown hairs.

Finishing things off with a beard oil will only seal in the moisture that helps keep your beard and skin healthy and soft.

4. Forget About Lasers

Simply stay away from lasers as a hair removal option. Laser hair removal is exceptionally difficult on those sporting ginger beards.

Lasers work by targeting dark pigments, which absorb the light as energy and zaps it away. Red pigments in the hair simply don’t absorb lasers well—you’ll just end up with welts and a substantial bill.

Stick to waxing, shaving, or trimming. If you’re unsure, go to your barber to ask for recommendations and rely on his steady hands to sculpt your face fire to perfection.


Watch how a ginger beard changed a salesman’s life in this video by Dongo NEWS:

Having a ginger beard is a rare genetic blessing for those wishing to grow out their facial hair. Take all necessary steps in caring for it correctly, and it will return the favor by being the fiercest, most fiery facial centerpiece to your overall look.

Got any ginger beard tips of your own? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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