Understanding Beard Growth Products - Are They Worth It?

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Every man wants to be the best version of themselves — self-confident, sexy, and sporting the healthiest, most luscious beard possible. Sure, not every man wants a beard, but most will contemplate growing one at least once in their lives, and when they do, they might be drawn to the growing market of beard growth products. While there is nothing wrong with looking into growth kits, it is crucial to know what to look for, especially regarding ingredients and the type of product. 

Understanding Beard Growth Products | Wild Willies

Beard Growth Products: Beard Oil

Beard oil is a staple for growing and grooming your face scarf. When facial hair starts growing in, it can irritate the skin. Additionally, as you add inches to your mane, you will be stripping nutrients and oils away from your face. Beard oil helps ensure your face stays moisturized and nourished.

Beard growth oils, like the growth serum from Wild Willies, are not specifically designed to speed up or grow facial hair. Instead, these serums and oils are designed to bolster the moisture and nutrients on the skin's surface. Using these products in combination with exfoliators and additional moisturizers will promote a healthy skin cycle, encouraging the natural cell turnover that promotes hair growth and clean pores. The routine use of such products will reduce the risks of clogged pores, in-grown hairs, beard dandruff, and itchiness.

Beard Balm

While beard balm might not be considered a beard growth product, like oil, it does promote a healthy hair cycle. In essence, the balm is like a conditioner, and it, too, aids in the hydration of both your facial hair and skin. Therefore, while not technically a growth product, it can promote healthy hair growth by hydrating and softening the existing follicles.

Understanding Beard Growth Products - Supplements | Wild Willies

Beard Supplements

When men are looking to establish their first face rug, or when they experience problems growing the mat out to a proper thickness, they typically stumble across beard growth supplements. These products are controversial because people assume they are meant to boost hair growth. Still, as with other products on this list, supplements are intended to encourage your body's natural cycles.

A beard supplement, then, is meant to provide your body with all the essential nutrients pertinent to hair growth. Vitamin E and B-vitamins, especially biotin, are among the most important. Ensuring your diet maintains appropriate amounts of these nutrients and others ensures the skin and hair follicle production cycles occur as they should. Wild Willies Growth Supplement is a well-balanced option from one of the top-rated beard brands in the market.

Are Beard Growth Products Worth it?

Beard growth products are worth it if you understand what they are meant to do and maintain realistic expectations. No product can overcome genetics, but it can help bolster the system to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency. The primary goal of any growth product is to help you achieve the best natural results.

You can find well-balanced and top-rated products at Wild Willies, one of the leading beard brands. The company offers beard growth kits and beard growth products to help you on your facial hair journey.

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