Viking Beard Style | How To Do It Like A True Viking

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Feature | Bearded wearing coat | Viking Beard Style | How To Do It Like A True Viking

So you’re interested in donning the infamous Viking beard? Read on for a simple step-by-step to achieve this modern barbarian look.

How to Achieve Viking Beard Styles


Bold Men Wear Bold Beards

Bearded man on city street | Viking Beard Style | How To Do It Like A True Viking

Vikings have quite the reputation: fearless fighters, womanizers, heavy drinkers, badass beards. You hear the word Viking, you think of a bold, burly man whom you wouldn’t wanna cross. Even with the evolving definition of the “tough guy” in our times, sporting a beard resembling the manliest barbarians in history still projects strength and pride.

It’s not surprising at all why many beardsmen try to achieve the Viking beard. It requires confidence, patience, precision, and a whole level of grooming—it’s not for everybody. But unconventional as it is, it suits men with a bold sense of style.

Step 1: Choose Your Style and Length

If you’re starting from square one, think about the length and style you want before you start growing your facial hair. When choosing the style you want to rock, consider the shape of your face. For round faces, a square beard can accent your jawline. As a general rule though, it’s best to trim heavily around the cheeks and lightly on the chin. Hardline cutting or trimming is a big no-no. Allow your beard to grow a little bit longer than your jaw or chin naturally, then trim back.

To help you out here are few Viking beards styles:

Very Viking

This one’s big, bushy, and wild, just like how real Vikings liked it.

The Tapered Barbarian

No-fuss style Viking style? You got it with this tapered cut. The beard narrows down as it tapers to a point. This one will suit you if you dig an outdoorsy look.

The Practical Viking

Wanna sport a beard like the Viking warriors? This one’s for our brothers with ponytail-length hairs. Trimmed Viking style beard + a neat ponytail to keep any stray hairs out of the way during physical activities.

Dark and Intense

If you wish to project a dark, intense look, going with monochromatic facial hair is the way to go. Keep it carefully shaped, looking like a bold block of color, to achieve the vibe of intensity you want.

Viking Beard with Slicked Back Hair

The past and present unite with this style! Achieve awesome contrast by matching a wild Viking beard with a slicked back hairstyle.

Viking Braided Beard (Single)

If you sport a longer beard, single-braiding it like how the Vikings did before they fight wars is a fantastic style!

The Ponytail

Or if you want a simpler beard get-up, tying it ponytail-style also works.

Viking Braided Beard (Double)

But if you want to go crazy, you can level the awesomeness up by double-braiding your mane!

Step 2: Eat Right and Take Your Vitamins

Your body is your beard factory. If you don’t supply it with proper nutrition, don’t expect good produce. While you can always boost your beard growth with the help of supplements like our very own Wild Willies Beard Growth Supplement, of course, you also have to eat right.

Since we’re talking about Viking beards here, why not add some oysters to your diet! Iron-rich food like oysters, leafy greens, and high-quality proteins are all good for beard care.

Step 3: Let It Grow

Bearded man on pony tail | Viking Beard Style | How To Do It Like A True Viking

Growing a beard is a test of patience. Before trimming and shaping yours, let it grow to its full potential for at least a month.

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Because we all should know what it takes to be the best-groomed man.

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Step 4: Keep It Clean

It’s totally understandable why one might think Vikings were unhygienic. You know, given their lifestyle. Apparently, this isn’t the case at all. There are writings about their custom of combing their hairs and beards every day.

It goes without saying, whatever beard style you’re aiming to sport, beard care is of utmost importance. Read these grooming articles below, because badass beards do not just happen:

Step 5: Keep It Trimmed

For a non-scraggly beard, trimming from time to time is a must.

  • While some prefer to trim their beards wet for extra manageability, doing so adds to the risk of trimming more than what you intended. Do this with caution.
  • Getting a nice beard trimmer can be great motivation.
  • It’s advised to only use sharp barber’s scissors for trimming. Don’t hack your progress away with dull scissors.
  • Short or long, keeping your beard symmetry is key. Start by the ear and trim down to the chin.

For Longer Beards:

  • Comb and untangle your beard first.
  • To trim, use larger clipper attachments like number 4 and pull your neck skin tight in the area you want to trim.
  • Always trim at an angle.
  • For the cheeklines and necklines, switch to shorter attachments like number 2.
  • For a slick neckline, finish by trimming with the guard completely taken off.

For Shorter Beards:

  • Always wash and comb your beard first.
  • Visualize the shape you want.
  • Leave two fingers of beard below your jaw as your trim your neck.
  • Use a different trimmer attachment of your choice to trim a fade up your neckline.

For more trimming tips see these articles:

Step 6: Don’t Neglect the Skin Underneath

Wild Willies Beard Oil | Viking Beard Style | How To Do It Like A True Viking

Moisturize your face to keep your beard healthy and prevent the formation of dandruff. This is where beard oils like Wild Willies Beard Oil prove to be very useful. Remember, healthy skin = healthy beard.

Step 7: Wear It with Confidence

Like a warrior always ready for battle, always stride with pride and confidence while wearing your Viking beard!

Learn in this video by “You Should Know ?” how this person’s life changed because of growing his beard:

Bold enough to rock a mad Viking beard? Nothing but respect for you.

Which Viking beard style are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments section below!

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