What is Beard Balm Used For? 6 Uses for This Must-Have Product

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Beard balm is designed for styling, but it also helps hydrate your beard and skin. It has many different purposes, from taming facial hair to conditioning the skin underneath. 

In this article, we will discuss six of the most common uses for beard balm. We will also provide tips on how to choose the right beard balm for your needs.

What is beard balm?

Beard balm is a type of grooming product that is used to condition and style facial hair. It is made up of carrier oils, essential oils, butters, and waxes. 

The primary purpose of beard balm is to help tame beard hair and make it easier to groom.

The combination of these ingredients helps keep facial hair hydrated and soft while also taming any flyaways or unruly beard hairs. 

Beard balm can also help protect the skin beneath your beard from drying out and becoming irritated.

What is beard balm used for

6 Main uses for beard balm

Beard balm can be used for many purposes, including the following:

1. Taming facial hair 

Beard balm can help tame unruly facial hair, making it easier to groom and style.

2. Conditioning the skin 

Beard balm can condition the skin underneath your beard, helping to keep your beard healthy. The ingredients in beard balm can also help to soothe and protect the skin from the elements.

3. Preventing beardruff 

Beard balm can help to prevent beard dandruff, which is caused by dry skin and the accumulation of sebum and dead skin cells on the surface of the beard.

4. Hydrating the beard 

Beard balm can help hydrate and soften your beard, making it more manageable and less likely to itch.

5. Preventing ingrown hairs 

Beard balm will help the hair grow in the right direction and prevent it from getting trapped beneath the skin.

6. Adding shine and texture 

Beard balm can also add shine and texture to your beard, making it look fuller and healthier. If your beard is feeling a bit dry or frizzy, using beard balm can help smooth it out and give it a healthy shine.

What else can beard balm be used for?

Beard balm can be used to condition the hair on your head. If you have a dry or itchy scalp, it can also help to soothe and moisturize the skin.

Beard balm can also be used to moisturize the skin on your hands and body. It can be applied directly to dry patches of skin, or you can add it to your regular moisturizer.

Lastly, if you want to keep your mustache in place all day, a little bit of beard balm will do the trick. Just remember not to use too much, or your mustache will end up looking greasy.

What is beard balm used for

How do I apply beard balm to my beard?

Applying beard balm is a simple process. The best time to use a beard balm is after you have washed your beard with a quality beard wash and conditioner and towel-dried your beard.

You can also apply beard oil before your beard balm. Beard oils will make your beard look even more healthy and shiny.

You will then need to scoop out a small amount of the balm and rub it between your hands. Then, apply the balm to your beard, starting at the base and working your way up.

Be sure to massage the balm into your skin and hair follicles. Finally, use a beard comb or beard brush to evenly distribute the product.

When should you use a beard balm?

When you should use a beard balm depends on your individual needs. If you are looking for a product to help you tame your beard, then you should use beard balm when you are styling your beard. 

If you are looking for a product to help condition your beard, then you should use beard balm daily. Many use it before going to sleep in this context.

How to choose a beard balm

Some factors to look at when choosing a good quality beard balm include:

  • Ingredients
  • Beard Type
  • Climate
  • Skin Type
  • Scent


When choosing a beard balm, it is important to consider the ingredients.

Beeswax is the most important ingredient in beard balm because it helps hold the other ingredients together and gives the balm its sculpting power. Other important ingredients in beard balm include carrier oils and essential oils.

Carrier oils are used to condition the beard and the skin underneath, while essential oils can help soothe the skin and prevent dryness and flaking.

Essential oils also give the balm its scent. Some of the most popular essential oils include cedarwood, eucalyptus, and sandalwood.

Beard Type:

You will also want to consider your beard type when choosing a beard balm. For example, if you have a long or thick beard, you will need a beard balm that provides more hold. If you have a shorter beard, you may want a beard balm that is more moisturizing.


Another important factor to consider when choosing a beard balm is the climate you live in. If you live in a hot and humid climate, you will need a beard balm that contains a high level of beeswax. This will help to keep your beard from becoming too oily or greasy.

If you live in a colder climate, you will need a beard balm that contains a high level of shea butter. This will help to keep your beard from becoming too dry and brittle.

Skin Type:

It is also important to choose a beard balm that matches your skin type. If you have oily skin, for example, you should choose one that is light and absorbs quickly. If you have dry skin, on the other hand, you should choose a beard balm that is heavy and moisturizing.

If you are looking for a beard balm that will condition your skin, you should look for a product that contains jojoba oil or avocado oil. These oils are light and absorb quickly, so they will not leave your skin feeling greasy.


And finally, the scent of the beard balm can be an important consideration, as you want to choose a scent that you like. Some people prefer unscented beard balms, while others enjoy scented products.

Once you have considered these factors, you can then begin to narrow down your choices. The ingredients in the beard balm are important to consider, as you want to make sure that the product is right for you.

What beard balm should I choose?

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