Why a Beard Fade Might Be the Perfect Style For You

Kristian S
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One of the biggest advantages of having a beard is that it can give you an attractive, authoritative, manly appearance. One of the biggest drawbacks is that the same look is sometimes perceived as disorderly or unkempt. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make yourself appear professional and well-maintained while keeping your manliness intact. One of the best ways is to simply fade your facial hair into a tight haircut. Here's why a beard fade might be right for you.

professional looking business man with a beard fade

A Beard Fade Can Look Casual or Professional

If you work in an office or public setting and have been looking for ways to make your facial hair fit a professional dress code, a fade can be the perfect solution. While simply letting your hair grow can tell your employer that you aren't interested in keeping up your appearance, a fade does just the opposite.

A lot of men grow their beards to improve the appearance of the chin or hide some other feature, such as a scar or recessed jaw. With a fade, you don't have to compromise your look for the sake of a job.

It's Both New and Nostalgic

Back in the 1800s and even into the 20th century, men pretty much did what they wanted with their facial hair. Mustaches and full-grown looks mixed with faded cuts were omnipresent, marking a heyday for classic men's fashion. As the first world war began, all of this changed. Military regulations designed to allow men to reliably fit into gas masks created a new standard for soldiers and eventually workers.

A fade can hearken back to this heyday while still giving you a modern look. Plenty of modern fashion icons and movie stars currently rock a beard fade, so there's no reason to worry you'll seem dated. Similarly, there's no need to go for a zero fade if you don't want to appear too trendy. Just leave a little on the sides.

man getting a beard fade from barber

It's Perfect for Dealing With Tricky Sideburns

The era of growing muttonchops or extended sideburns is pretty much over. For some men, sideburns actually take away from a sleek appearance that perfectly compliments a slim, angular face. Even if you don't intentionally grow them out, sideburns can still give an unnecessarily ungroomed appearance. A fade completely solves this problem by shortening the hair by your jaw and temple.

Lots of Women Love a Good Beard Fade

There's little fun in having a style if it completely ruins your dating life. Fortunately, a fade can improve yours significantly. Studies have shown that women prefer men with stubbly beards during initial interactions while favoring full facial hair for long-term relationships. This is probably because long hair gives a manly, responsible look, while stubble seems rugged but well-kempt. A fade gives you the best of both worlds.

If you've been searching for a new look, a beard fade might be right for you. Don't be afraid to experiment a bit with cutting techniques. For all your manly grooming needs, visit Wild Willies online today.

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