Why Beard Care Products Can Affect Growth

Kristian S
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There is real satisfaction looking into the mirror and seeing that beautiful beard staring back at you. It makes the effort of growing and maintaining a lustrous mane worth it. To keep the magic happening, you need the best products available. Wild Willies has the right stuff.

Beard care products make all the difference in the health of your skin and facial hair. Here are the ways our goods keep your mane in manly shape.

Keep It Simple With Beard Care Products

Beard care needs to be simple and promote healthy hair growth. We know you don’t have hours to spend each week fussing over your face. You want products that compliment your routine of easy and effective maintenance. Beard brushes are the bomb when it comes to an effortless routine. You look great after grooming, and combing keeps your beard soft.

Take it up a notch with a beard shaping tool. The Edge is as precise as it sounds. This trimming instrument handles facial contours like a sports car on a hairpin turn, so it’s simple to keep your beard, mustache and goatee always appearing razor sharp.

Keep It Strong

The best beard care products build up the strength of your facial hair game. A lackluster mane is like drinking weak coffee, you get the flavor, but the boldness is missing. This is where a beard elixir stands up and delivers. We have a unique blend with hemp seed oil that provides natural fatty acids to match your skin’s lipid levels. This helps the elixir absorb well and lubricate the skin. Healthy skin supports a full, thick beard.

beard care products help keep skin healthy

Keep It Fresh

Your beard deserves better treatment than using a body wash every day to clean it. The standard soaps guys often buy are not the stuff of beard glory. Your skin health is the best indicator of whether you use beard care products that bring out the best in your facial fur.

Wild Willies Beard Wash is a premium shampoo designed to keep your beard clean and healthy. It’s scientifically formulated with essential oils to restore skin vitality and support hair growth. And did we mention it smells terrific? The blend of eucalyptus, lemongrass and peppermint keeps your beard mega fresh. Couple the shampoo with some conditioner, and you have all you need for a slice of beard nirvana.

Keep It Growing

Some guys struggle with hair growth issues and question whether to remain men of the beard. Improved hair growth lies in using excellent beard care products and taking care of yourself. Hair growth relies on the balance of your body’s systems. If your chemistry is off, your hair growth may suffer.

Our beard care products work with your body to restore its natural balance and invigorate the growth process. Make sure to eat right and exercise to maintain your physical well-being. A healthy body knows what to do with products that work with it to get the best results.

Keep It Oiled

Your beard needs lubrication like any other well-oiled machine. Perhaps hydrating your hair fibers isn’t on your mind when benching some serious pounds, but having a great beard requires the same dedication to looking buff. We have beard care products to keep your mane in shape.

Our award-winning original beard oil is a heavy lifter in its class. That’s because it’s one-of-a-kind like you are. It gets to the root of the issue and keeps your follicles conditioned with 10 organic essential oils and vitamins. You’ll appreciate the smooth texture beard oil provides and love the control it gives.

Keep It Groomed

Regular grooming is essential to good beard care and growth. Here are five steps for bringing your scruff in line:

  1. Wash your beard frequently to remove dirt and oils that collect.
  2. Brush your facial hair routinely and go against the grain when you want to check the length.
  3. Trim your beard to keep it healthy and shape it the way you want.
  4. Use beard care products to keep your face and hair healthy and soft.
  5. Try a heated beard straightener to wrangle those unruly face bristles.

Polish it off with premium beard butter to make your beard smooth to the touch.

Keep It Rolling

Our derma roller is beard magic made of surgical-grade stainless steel with an ergonomic design to reach every part of your face with ease. The roller makes tiny punctures in your face that trigger the healing process. Healing mechanisms kick in to produce collagen and keratin that activate dormant hair follicles and improve skin health.

The roller is painless and safe to use (no bleeding). You can roll as much as you need. Use specific beard care products based on your desired beard thickness and fullness.

Keep It Rocking

Beard supplements are extra fuel for hair growth and upkeep. If you want to continue rocking a great appearance, these offer what your face needs. If you have trouble growing a beard, you need help to get started and build your confidence in the process.

Gummies and capsules easily fit into your daily health regimen and give you the growth advantage you want with little effort. This is a step beyond balms and creams to help grow hair faster and make those new follicles happy campers.

Keep It Together

We are all about beard care products that make your routine easy. Check out our line of kits that help you keep it all together: These are some of your sweet choices:

  • The Rebel
  • The Patriot
  • The Trendsetter

Sounds like you, right? These kits offer everything you need to stay on top of all things beard. The kit packaging is fierce, too, because these are ready for home, work and travel. If you have a dude in your life that needs some beard love, these kits make great gifts.

Keep It Real With Beard Care Products

Wild Willies is your dream team for beard care products. Our line of mane stuff is sure to jump-start that bearded grin of yours. We live by a simple creed: Live free and stay wild. Those who wear the hair mask get that keeping it real means doing your life and your look the way you see fit. Drop us a line and let’s talk beard.

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