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Wild Willies by The Manskape Co.

Bubba Stacy
2 minute read

The Manskape Companies foundation was built about being different. Thats why we decided to form Wild Willies. Wild Willies is about being unique. More importantly… about being yourself. Sure, you’ve heard this before but we strive to challenge the status quo when it comes to how we decide to live our lives. You see, it’s more than just a sweet beard or a classic mustache. It’s about you and all your glory.

The Manskape Co. is here to celebrate you. You were the original beardsman. You wore the Magnum P.I. stache not because it was cool, but because it’s simply the right thing to do. You were the one who decided that a clean cut beard, suit and wood scented cologne work perfect together, not because it’s professional, but only because its natural. We solute you, originator. Your uniqueness, your boldness, your awesomeness and most importantly your raw manliness!

So be the clean cut or super hairy person you were meant to be. Rock that face sweater. Sport that cookie duster. Wear the button up vest and monocle like it’s still 1890. Are you a civil war general deep down? Feeling like a mullet and a beard compliment each other? Why not!? Maybe you just a like a little face fuzz for the ladies. Whatever your style shall be my good man, make certain you wear it proud!

The Manskape Co. – For The Uncommon Man.

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