Anchor Beard

Anchor Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Anchor Beard Shape

Follow these steps to get the perfect anchor beard.

1. Even out your beard hair length.

An anchor beard can look good with anything from a few days’ worth of stubble up to an inch or so in length. The important thing is to even out the length of your beard so it’s uniform throughout. You can use scissors and a comb, or you can use your trimmer. This grooming kit contains scissors, a comb, and a shaping tool to help you achieve a uniform length.

2. Shape your mustache.

You have a few options here for how you’d like to shape your mustache. Keep it straight across, angle it down, or flip it up at the sides; whatever you prefer. If you’re going to flip it up at the sides, use a beard butter to shape the sides.

3. Shape the “anchor.” 

Next, you’ll need to use your razor or your trimmer without a guard to shape the anchor on your chin. You can make the anchor part as narrow or wide as you’d like, but a good rule of thumb is to leave about a 1” section of hair directly below the center of your lip. Then, keep some hair along your chin, going about as far out as your mustache or just a bit further. Be sure to use a shave lube to get a close shave.

4. Maintain your beard.

Maintain your beard by continuing to shave the negative space every day or so, and keep your facial hair uniform in length by trimming it up as needed. Be sure to wash your face daily and then moisturize with a soothing moisturizer that will keep your face and beard hair healthy and smooth.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect [TYPE]:

  • Wild Willies Scruff Tamer: use daily to keep your face and beard soft and moisturized.
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