Brett Beard

Brett Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Brett Beard Shape

Growing a brett beard is a specialized look for your beard hair that will take special attention and care to get it just right:

1. Grow Out A Full Beard

To begin a brett beard style, you first need to grow a nice full beard. This will be the base of what will eventually become your brett beard, which is just a chin strap and soul patch combined.

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2. Preserve A Healthy Beard

While growing this type of beard, you will need to ensure that you are taking care of your facial hair. Using the best products means you can transform your brett beard to perfection.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect brett beard:

3. Shave Off The Mustache

One of the defining features of the brett beard is the absence of a mustache. You will need to shave off that stache to get the full effect, and we recommend The Expert Grooming Kit to do so. Trim down the mustache with the included scissors until it’s low enough to shave off with Wild Willies Safety Razor. Ensure a good lather and use the right conditioning products afterward to avoid any razor burn or bumps.

4. Style And Define The Lines Of Your Brett Beard

Once you have grown this individual beard style and have removed the mustache, it's time to style that beard hair. You can have a clean chin strap with a soul patch, as shown in the example above, or opt for a more unruly chin curtain.

To make a soul patch, shave a small patch of your beard on either side of the center of your chin, closer to your mouth. You can use the shaping tool to keep your chin and cheek beard smooth. Once you've done this, apply beard oil to the beard to keep it nourished and nice to touch.
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