Carved Beard

Carved Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Carved Beard Shape

If you really care about your beard, having a professional-looking carved look can make is stand out in a crowd. Here is how to grow your own carved beard.

1. Grow A Long Beard

The first step in growing a carved beard is getting your facial hair length as long as possible. Remember, you will be carving away major areas, so you need plenty of hair to work with. If you plan on having your beard three inches in the final length, you may want to grow it to four inches before trimming it. Taking daily beard supplements and applying beard serum to your facial hair will help it grow quickly and naturally.

2. Trim And Shape The Beard

The next step is the main part of having a carved beard. You will need to decide on the shape that you want your beard to have. Will it be rounded, straight at the bottom, or come to a point? You may even want to go as far as sketching the shape you want or pulling up an image of someone with a similar beard for reference. Then use a beard trimmer to cut away the unwanted hairs. This part will take practice, so be patient when trimming. One trick is to use a beard butter balm to help keep the hairs stiff while trimming.

3. Clean Up The Lines

After you have meticulously carved your beard, you will want to finish by cleaning up the lines of your facial hair. Rinse your face with warm water to soften up the beard hairs. Then lather your hair with quality shave lube. Next, take a beard-shaping tool and hold it up to your face. Shave around the edges and contours of the beard-shaping tool, which will give you nice even lines every time. Finally, rinse off with cool water or an aftershave.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect carved beard:

  • Beard Boost Serum: Contains all-natural ingredients that are used to help stimulate facial hair growth and thicker your beard.
  • Beard Butter Balm & Brush Combo Set: Use the balm to hydrate and keep your hair stiff while styling and the brush to help smooth out those unruly hairs.
  • The Edge Beard-Shaping Tool: Convenient tool that will give you perfectly straight lines while shaving or trimming your carved beard.
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