Classic Stache

Classic Stache

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Classic Stache

The classic-looking mustache is iconic and takes careful precision to pull off properly. Here are the steps to grow your own stache.

1. Grow The Stache

To get the classic stache look, you’ll need some facial hair on your upper lip. The choice for size is up to you, as some people like Brad Pitt might have a quarter to half-inch mustache, while Steve Harvey’s can be up to one inch long. You can both moisturize and nurture your new mustache with a beard oil blend as it grows out.

2. Trim And Groom

The next step is to trim and groom the mustache and other areas of your face. We recommend getting a complete grooming kit with everything you need to style your facial hair. You can use the brush and comb to get the hair going in the direction you want. The comb and scissors are good for keeping your mustache trimmed at an optimal length. A good beard-shaping tool also comes in handy because you can use the hard lines to trim and define your mustache shape.

3. Add A Beard Or Soul Patch

The final thing you will want to consider is whether you decide to grow a beard around your mustache or opt for a soul patch. You can grow a short or stubbly beard that can look pretty stylish with the right mustache. Remember that if the beard gets too long, you’ll lose the appeal of the mustache.

A soul patch is a small kept piece of facial hair in the dimple of your mouth, just above your chin and below your bottom lip. These range from a half inch to two inches in length or more. You just use a trimmer or razor to shave the area around the patch, leaving just the mustache and soul patch. 

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect classic stache:

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