Ducktail Beard

Ducktail Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Ducktail Beard Shape

The ducktail beard shape can be fun to grow and looks great on the right facial type. Here are the steps to grow one out.

1. Grow Out A Full Beard

To begin growing out a ducktail beard, you will need a full beard; at least enough hair on your chin for the right effect. You can keep your jawline and mustache shorter if you’d like, but you will want enough length on your chin and neck hairs to bring them to a point. Use beard serum as you grow out your beard so that you can get it nice and thick.

2. Trim And Style The Facial Hair

Once you have a beard of two to four inches in length, you can trim and style it the way you want. Use a beard trimmer or scissors to even out the lengths of your facial hair, so it’s uniform. You can use beard butter to help shape your beard while keeping it soft. Make sure you let your chin hair grow out for the next step.

3. Bring Your Chin Hair To A Point

Finally, you want to go for the classic ducktail beard style by pulling your beard hairs into a point at your chin. A beard brush and a beard straightener will work wonders here. Use a beard brush daily to tame the hairs to the front of your chin. Use the beard straightener after a hot shower to flatten down those hairs and shape the ducktail beard style. 

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect ducktail beard:

  • Beard Boost Serum: Promotes a healthy, thick beard with all-natural ingredients.
  • Beard Butter - Original: It helps style your beard and keeps it hydrated so that it doesn’t turn hard and brittle.
  • Beard Straightener - V2.0: The perfect tool in your arsenal to straighten out your beard hair and tame it into the ducktail beard point.
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