El Bandito Mustache

El Bandito Mustache

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect El Bandito Mustache Shape

The el bandito mustache is thicker and has curled upwards slightly in recent years. Here is how to grow one out.

1. Grow The Mustache Out

First, you must grow a thick mustache to get this look right. Banditos weren’t known for being the best groomed, so this mustache is typically rugged. The hair should extend past the center of your lips and must be at least one to two inches long. Applying beard serum to the facial hair will aid in it growing out quicker and longer.

2. Trim The Facial Hair

Even though the el bandito mustache is rugged, you still need to trim the hair every so often. Trimming the hair as it grows out will help it grow more. Also, these mustaches are usually pretty even in length, so it’s good to get into a habit of trimming at least every other week. Then apply some beard butter to the mustache and rub it in well. This will keep the hair from becoming brittle.

3. Curl The Ends

The last step to modernize your bandito mustache is to tidy it up and put a slight curl on the tips. If you want a more rugged style, then you can skip this step and let your mustache grow. Get a beard straightener and apply it to the mustache for a newer look. Use a downward motion and pull the straightener through the mustache several times. This will get all of the hair uniforms going in the same direction. Then use your thumb and fingers to twist the ends of the mustache upwards.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect el bandito mustache:

  • Beard Boost Serum: Contains all-natural ingredients that will help you grow a luscious full mustache.
  • Beard Butter - Original: This beard butter will keep your mustache moisturized so that it doesn’t become hard and will prevent skin irritation.
  • Beard Straightener - V2.0: Use this beard straightener to help tame those unruly mustache hairs.
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