Full Goatee

Full Goatee

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Full Goatee

Growing a full goatee requires dedication, as it may take several months to achieve the desired length and thickness. Here's how to do it:

1. Let Your Goatee Grow

The first thing to having a full goatee is letting your hair grow. This style requires more than an inch of hair so aim for two to three inches of growth.  If you are having issues growing facial hair, be sure to pick up some beard growth supplements that will speed up the process by nourishing your body.


2. Trim and Shape Your Goatee

Once the hair has reached your desired length, it is time to trim and style. Start by picking up a grooming kit that includes a razor, comb, and brush to make this step as simple as possible. Trim down your full goatee with scissors and a comb making sure to blend the goatee with the mustache. The width of the goatee is up to personal preference as long as both sides are symmetrical. Then, lather up with shaving lube and clean the rest of your face and neck.

3. Maintain Your Full Goatee 

To maintain your full goatee looking great is vital to keep it trimmed and brushed. As well as shaving your face and neck to make the goatee the star of the show. We also recommend using a beard scruff tamer to keep the hair groomed and looking sharp.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect Full Goatee:

  • Beard Growth Gummies Supplement: All-natural ingredients promote a healthy and thick beard.
  • Shave Lube: This shave lube utilizes Caffeine, Jojoba, and Eucalyptus to liven up your morning grooming routine and boost your shave game.
  • Beard Scruff Tamer: Perfect to tame short beards, stubble, and scruff.
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