How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Goatee

If you would like to cast your spot on Hollywood Boulevarde, then follow these steps to recreate the iconic goatee.

1. Grow Out A Connected Chin Beard And Mustache

First things first, you must grow out the facial hair surrounding your mouth. That includes the hairs on your chin, besides your lips, and under your nose. It doesn’t matter which length you decide to go with here, as goatees can be just stubble or two to three inches long.

2. Shave Around The Goatee

Next, you need to shave everything that’s not your goatee. Lather your face with warm water and shave lube, then use a nice razor to shave the cheeks, jawline, and sideburns. You can leave the sideburns as long or as short as you’d like, but the key to a goatee is to ensure the hair is not connected to your chin and mustache.

3. Style Your Goatee As You See Fit

Finally, feel free to have some fun with your goatee. You can try quite a few different styles, such as a short and stubbly goatee or a long pointy goatee with a curled mustache. You can use beard butter and a good brush to style your facial hair and get the look you want. 

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect goatee:

  • Shave Lube: Use all-natural ingredients when shaving to get nice, smooth skin.
  • Beard Butter - Original: This keeps your facial hair hydrated and allows you to style your goatee as you see fit.
  • Beard Brush: A beard brush will help you tame and style your unruly hair.
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