Gunslinger Beard

Gunslinger Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Gunslinger Beard Shape

A pronounced mustache is a typical defining feature of a good western gunslinger beard. Here’s how to grow your gunslinger beard.

1. Start With The Mustache

You will first need to start with at least growing a defined mustache. The mustache can be short and simple or long and showy. This is usually the focal point, so you will want to pay special attention to growing a nice mustache. We recommend taking daily beard supplements to help grow your facial hair.

2. Shape And Style

Next, you should shape and style the beard however you see fit. Use a quality beard butter balm to shape it to match your facial features. You can let it get big and wide, trim it thin, or use the balm to twist the ends into a point or curls. The choices are limitless. 

3. Optional: Grow A Beard 

Finally, you can decide if you want an underlining beard. It is optional but if you do decide to grow out the rest of your beard, try to let the mustache “lay on top” of the rest of your beard hair. This look was popular back in the day and just means to keep everything trimmed back except your mustache. If you’re having trouble with patchy or thin hair, try using a beard elixir to naturally fill your facial hair.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect gunslinger beard:

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