Hulihee Beard

Hulihee Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Hulihee Beard Shape

Here are the steps to grow your Hulihee beard with a little bit of time and patience:

1. Grow a large beard

To begin, grow out a full-sized beard. You can have shorter hairs in the beginning, but eventually, you’ll need long hairs along your chin line that signifies this beard style. We recommend getting at least 2” to 4” hairs for the best effect. If you are starting from scratch, try adding a beard growth supplement to your daily vitamin routine to kickstart growth.

2. Trim and shape the beard.

Use a beard-shaping tool to help style your beard while shaving. This beard type has a nice uniform look even though the side hairs will eventually furl outward. Shave your cheeks and neckline to give it a sharper look.

3. Shave off the chin hairs.

Next, you will need to shave off the hairs on your chin to get the right look. Use a razor to remove everything from the neckline up to your lips. Some might leave a little bit of a soul patch but generally speaking; you will want to keep it low-cut or remove it completely. A good rule of thumb is to shave to the width of your lips.

4. Grow and brush out the neckline

Continue to grow out your chin line hair while grooming and styling the beard correctly. As these hairs grow longer and longer, you need to brush them outwards for the signature Hulihee beard style. You can also use a beard butter to help shape your beard in the direction you need it to go.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect Hulihee beard:

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