Italian Mustache

Italian Mustache

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Italian Mustache Shape

The Italian mustache is a great look that is pretty simple to achieve. Here are the steps it takes to grow one.

1. Grow Out The Mustache

First, you need to grow a nice mustache. You can opt to have a beard or not, but the main focus should be on the mustache itself. That means growing one at least an inch or more in length so that you have enough hair to work with when you curl the ends. You can use a quality beard serum daily to help promote mustache hair growth and to thicken it up.

2. Trim The Mustache

The Italian mustache is usually very well groomed, so keep it trimmed and tidy. Use a beard trimmer or get a comb and scissors to cut the hair back to an even length. As you cut back the hair, make sure you let the ends grow out a little longer. After trimming, you can apply a small amount of beard oil to the mustache, keeping it moisturized and soft.

3. Curl The Ends

Finally, you will need to slightly curl up the ends to have a true Italian mustache. Take some beard butter balm in between your fingers and thumb. Then gently rub the ends of your mustache hairs back and forth in a twisting motion. This will cause them to clump together and thin out. After that, slightly up or curl, the ends up towards your cheekbones. You don’t need to make a full circle here, just enough to give it a nice lift on the ends.

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