Lumberjack Beard

Lumberjack Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Lumberjack Beard Shape

The lumberjack is a long beard generally styled, so it may take some time to grow out. The results are worth it, and here is how you do it.

1. Grow A Full Beard

Step one in growing out a lumberjack beard is to grow a longer beard, at least four to six inches or more in length. Lumberjack beards originated from keeping lumberjacks warm in the cold season, so you want a long enough beard to cover the neck from the weather. Consider using a beard serum to promote a healthy, full beard for faster and thicker growth.

2. Trim And Groom The Beard

Once your beard starts getting long, you will want to think about how you will trim and groom it. Lumberjack beards are thick and wide and extend up into the sideburns. The beard's shape can be squared at the bottom, rounded, or designed in any shape you desire. We recommend using a beard straightener to get the facial hair uniform and then picking up a grooming kit to help style the beard. Use the included brush to tame your beard hair, the comb and scissors to cut the hair to the right length, and the beard-shaping tool along with the razor to get clean edges around your cheeks. 

3. Style The Mustache

Next, you will want to figure out how you want your mustache to look. Just like the beard, the mustache can be styled in many different ways but is generally longer than shorter. The mustache should extend down past the edges of your mouth and be straight, pointed, or curled. Beard butter or beard balm will aid in shaping the mustache however you want.

4. Use Quality Beard Products

In the past, these beards were dirty and grimy from the hard work of the lumberjacks. Today’s lumberjack beards though should be soft, clean, and well-maintained. This means using the right shampoos, conditioners, and softeners to give your beard the respect it deserves. Clean your beard at least once a day and rub in the softener afterward for a smooth feel.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect lumberjack beard:

  • Beard Boost Serum: Contains caffeine and biotin to help thicken and grow your beard hair.
  • Beard Straightener - V2.0: Tame those unruly hairs and make your lumberjack beard stand out with a professional-grade beard straightener.
  • The Expert Grooming Kit: Comes with scissors, a comb, a brush, a beard-shaping tool, and a razor to help you groom and style your new beard.
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