Monkey Tail Beard

Monkey Tail Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Monkey Tail Beard Shape

Follow these steps to grow a monkey tail beard and have fun with it! 

1. Grow Out a Beard and Mustache

The first thing you will need to do to grow a monkey tail beard is to grow out a full beard and mustache. The more hair you have to work with, the easier the rest of the steps will be. We recommend growing at least 3-5 mm. 

If you’re having difficulty growing your beard, grab some beard growth supplements to strengthen your beard and promote natural hair growth.

2. Plan Your Monkey Tail Beard

Once your beard is nice and full, you’ll want to take a minute to plan out the monkey tail shape around your face. If you get this part wrong, you’ll end up with a disjointed beard, and the whole concept will be lost. Think about how you want the tail to look. You may even want to paint color in the areas you’ll need to cut out to get that right spiral. 

3. Trim Down and Shape

If you have grown a large, unruly beard, take the time to trim it to a nice even length using a 3 to 5 mm attachment on your trimmer. Now you can start shaping the monkey's tail. The best way to do this is to slowly start cutting away the parts of your beard that you have marked or painted. 

Use scissors or a beard trimmer to cut down the hair, and take your time. You may need to angle your tools differently to cut into the deeper parts of the beard without damaging the parts you want to keep. A beard shaping tool can help you keep your lines and curves as perfect as possible during this process.

4. Remove Unwanted Areas

Use a razor to remove the final hairs and the monkey tail shape around your cheek lines. Finish off by washing your face of any leftover hair. After that, you just need to maintain your new monkey tail beard with nice beard butter and oil so that it shines and is soft to the touch. Be sure to shave the “negative” parts of the design daily to keep stubble away.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect monkey tail beard:

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