Norse Skipper

Norse Skipper

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Norse Skipper

Growing an awesome-looking Norse skipper is possible. All you need is some patience and to follow these steps.

1. Grow a beard

To rock a great Norse skipper, you need to grow a decent amount of hair on your chin. We recommend growing the hair to about three inches below your jawline. While growing your beard, we recommend starting with a beard wash to clean away dirt without removing the sebum oil necessary to maintain a soft, healthy beard.

2. Trim and Shave

Once you have grown a full beard, it is time to trim. We recommend using a razor and shave lube to clean up your cheeks, neck, and upper lip. Next, define the edges of the hair whit sharp lines. Make sure to pick up a beard-shaping tool to help you create stunning lines.

3. Maintaining your beard

Last, due to the length of hair required to have an impressive Norse skipper, it is essential to take good care of it. Make sure to regularly wash and condition your beard to maintain it clean, hydrated, and free of tangles. Also, brush and frequently comb to help with the overall look.

4. Styling

You can wear the Norse skipper as a rugged look by applying a little bit of beard oil. If you prefer a more sleek look, you can pick up a beard balm; this will help you shape the beard into that perfect upsidedown teardrop.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect Norse skipper

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